Why does Amazon keep telling me I need to revise my payment method after confirming my order?

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If you get a message prompting you to revise payment, it is usually a clear indication that your transaction wasn’t a success, the revise payment is an amazon feature that will allow you try your payment method again or use a different method if your previous transaction attempt failed.

Why does Amazon keep telling me I need to revise my payment method after confirming my order?

When you get the message from amazon to revise your payment method, even after confirming your order, it is usually because of a number of reasons. The most common reason for the ‘payment revision needed’ message would probably be due to the fact that the bank declined the payment and the transaction wasn’t left incomplete or you may have just accidentally interrupted the process during payment.

The message is a clear indication that your transaction failed at some point, but you could always retry with either the same payment method or you could just try again in case your card was declined with the first payment method.

If you want to go ahead and revise the payment method, you will first of all have to go to your orders, find the relevant item or order and select Retry Payment Method, then select your chosen payment method and select Continue.

A very important factor to note If you get the payment revision message,is that you will have to revise the payment within a specific timeline that will be sent to you in an email, if the timeline isn’t met, your order will be cancelled automatically.

In some cases, the message might not be because of any declines, rather, it could be that your order is going through a verification stage which is a normal pending verification stage on amazon.

If that is the case, you have to make sure that all your details align and there’s nothing suspicious about your order, in the end you might have to consult the customer service or wait till the verification is complete and hopefully the transactions gets completed.

Various Reasons Why You’ve Been Asked To Revise Payment Method

It could just be because your payment failed, you will have to retry, either through the same payment method or you could try a different payment method to be on the safer side, either ways, you may just need to try again.

In some cases, this could be cause by a minor error, something as minor as pressing the backspace button while the transaction is ongoing could interrupt the entire process, and then because of that you get a message stating that you need to revise payment.

On another hand, you could have gotten the message purely because of technical reasons or issues, either on the side of the bank or even amazon, or both.  Technical issues usually work themselves out, so you don’t have to worry about it being your fault, and you could always try again later.

You could have changed your card or lost it, either way, if you haven’t updated your amazon account with right card info, there might be mishaps when you decide to pay for an order, so the problem could just be that your amazon hasn’t been updated.

The issue could be directly from your bank, maybe the payment was declined, so you’ll  definitely have to try a different payment method if you want your order to go through, or work out the issue with your bank so that you can proceed.

Another minor reason why is that you could have accidentally refreshed or even close the page, this wipes out the transaction process in a way and it definitely discontinues the entire process, so you may just have to start afresh.

What To Do If The Issue Isn’t Resolved

The main way to revise payment would be to go to your amazon account and scroll to your orders and then  click on revise payment method, follow all the necessary prompts after that and retry your payment, if that doesn’t work, you could try some other option.

You could try using another card, instead of wasting time on a card that hasn’t been giving you the successful results you need, you could just try another card for the transaction, this is one of the swiftest ways to solve the problem.

If you haven’t used your card before to pay for amazon, chances are that your bank may be holding out because the activity is new or strange, in this case,  you will have to authorize the payment verbally with you back and hopefully the transaction will be completed.

If your payment isn’t going through and your transaction keeps falling through, it would. It would probably be best to check if you have sufficient funds to pay for your purchase on amazon, in this case it may just be a ‘check your account balance’ issue.

Make sure that your information is hundred percent accurate, the information you provide has to be correct, cross check your billing address, your contact number, your banking data and even your card’s expiry date.

If the issue still isn’t resolved, it is possible that you’ve reached your credit limits, so you will have to ask your bank about your credit limits, if you have a credit limit, it is possible that your purchase has surpassed the credit limit.

Reasons Why You May Still Need Payment Method Revision

In case you keep getting the message even after exhausting all the possible solutions above, the solution could stem from other far fetched causes such as the use of a VPN, that could be a probable cause of the problem and the solution would be for you to stop using it.

Other rare causes may include the fact that amazon hasn’t red flagged your buyer behavior, maybe because of suspicious behavior or circumstances, either way, it is a problem you have to consider. In the end, if you can’t seem to rectify the issue, your safest bet would be contacting Amazon’s customer service.

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