What is the Maximum Level Cap in The Witcher 3?

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The maximum level cap in games like Witcher 3 is basically the maximum level a player/character can reach in the game, the level cap of different games could go from 60 to 70 or any number the game developer wants, with a game like Witcher 3, it is only fair that the maximum level cap is hard to gain.

What is the maximum level cap in The Witcher 3?

The maximum level cap in The Witcher 3 depends on which version of the game you’re playing and it’s also a popular opinion that it doesn’t even have a maximum level cap, this means you could play through more than enough levels. On the other hand, If it is the base game ‘wild hunt’, the level cap is ranged at seventy,  if it is the complete version of the game that has the blood and wine expansion pack installed, the level cap would be a hundred. Either way, you’re getting a very complex and challenging game, which is a good thing for intense game players.

It is known to be extremely hard to reach any of these level cap numbers, whether it is level 70 with the base game or level 100 with the complete version, getting all the way to the top in a single run of the game is difficult.

Reaching the maximum level cap of witcher 3 will require you to play your best game, most players reach about level 35 to level 45 when they are playing the game for the first time, if you really want to reach the maximum level, you’ll need to play your best game and then run it through again in a new game, till you get to the max level.

The witcher base game, wild hunt, will give you more than enough opportunities to level up the game ladder as you go through the entire game content and the main quest of the game as well, so there is a possibility that you could reach level 30 and get pass that level if you’re skillful.

The witcher 3 is also known to technically not have a maximum level cap, once you finish your quests and you have less hunts to carry out, it is possible that you’ll find it harder to gain levels.

The chances of actually reaching the maximum level cap of 100 is quite hard, a player would have to spend hours on the game if they actually want to get to that level,  a player could reach level 60 if their first play is done right.

How To Reach Wild Hunt Level Cap

The witcher 3 has a version. Soles wild hunt, it is a great game and players get to finish missions and also complete tasks or quests, the main point is to level up your character with the help of the XPs that you will collect on successful completions of your missions.

The level cap in this case could be 70 to 100, but the focus is on 70 because not a lot of people could reach the max level cap of 100 easily, getting to 70 is also a hard enough tasks, and there are certain ways to get there faster.

To get to the maximum level cap, you have to play the game as many times as possible, this is because the number of times you keep playing could increase the amount of xps you get. You might also want to indulge in the game of Gwent with opponents as many times as you can because it helps you level up.

Asides your usual primary quests, you could also and destroy any bandit camp or monster nest in the areas of the map that have a question mark, this could potentially offer you a few bonus XP and you could also get rewarded with a lot of valuable loot.

There are a lot of extra missions you could complete to get extra XP, this could help you gain more point to get to the level you want, getting to level 70 isn’t as easy and leveling up your character is the surest way to get there faster.

Witcher 3 level up tips

The witcher 3 game is a very popular and challenging game in its own right, a lot of players get swept up in the story line and the main quests of the game in order to complete the entire narrative of the game.

There are also a few players that don’t focus solely on the main quests, instead, they dedicate most of their game play on Gwent and getting Gwent cards is a really essential way to level up and focus on the main game.

Four Major Tips

One major tip involves white orchards, in your witcher gameplay, one of your first raids would be in the land of the white orchards, white orchards could be taken at whatever level you’re at, although it would be a challenge at a low level. Sweeping up a white orchard will give you the level boost you need because there are a lot of places of power that will give you points.

Another tip is to take on quests at your current level, it is also helpful if you take on quests that are close to your current level, let’s say you’re on level five, it would be smart to take on quests in level four and six, this is important because once you reach a much higher level, quests in lower levels won’t boost you up as much.

Another tip involves weaponry, weapons in the witcher are known as or called green by the game. These weapons can be upgraded and you could also get them at shops or treasure hunts, the point here is to look out for weapons that are labeled green to get a boost in your game.

Another essential tip involves a different kind of green, in this case, money. Your character has to get money in order to buy weapons, swords, potions, oils, and any other tool that will help you succeed in all you quests, thereby giving you more points to level up.

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