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What is the Cheapest eGPU?

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by paularo

External graphics video cards are really expensive they can go for as high as $3000 dollar. With an eGPU, you will be able to level up the performance of your laptop computer or a MacBook. There some affordable eGPU available in the market and today we are going to discuss the cheapest eGPU which is the Razer Core X eGPU Enclosure.

What is the cheapest eGPU? The Razer Core X is the cheapest eGPU in terms of value for money, performance, and power. It has everything you need to use an eGPU except an actual graphics card.

It comes with thunderbolt 3 that will upgrade both gaming and performance on your laptop. this eGPU also supports up to 3 slots wide PCle full-sized desktop graphics cards. It also has a built-in power supply of 650 watts with 100 watts laptop charging via thunderbolt 3.

The external graphics processing unit is compatible with Windows and macOS. It can be used with either NVIDIA or AMD graphics card on windows. While it only supports AMD cards when paired with a macOS device. NVIDIA cards are not supported on macOS and also the Razer Synapse 3 software.

Some brands like Razer, Blackmagic, and Asus have some of the most affordable eGPU currently. Although eGPU is still more like a niche product they are still bought by people who needs better laptop performance on their laptops.

In the very distant future, there may be a compromise between the power of a desktop PC and the portability of a laptop. this why eGPUs will continue to grow and become cheaper and affordable. For now, eGPUs are only pairable with few Windows laptops mostly Chromebooks. It is however advertised by apple on their website as a means to upgrade your MacBook’s performance.

You can decide to either build your eGPU on your own or buy a completely ready-made one. Whichever way you choose to go you will surely spend a chunk of money.

Does eGPU come with Graphics Card?

Depending on the one you want there are three categories of external graphics processing units. The first one is the enclosure and it comes empty without anything inside.

An enclosure is more of an empty case and you have to buy the remaining parts including the Video Graphics card that will be inserted inside the case. one advantage of buying an enclosure is that you can swap out the card anytime you feel like and replace it with another.

After buying an enclosure you will get a list of the graphics card that it is compatible with. You can even change the cooling mechanism if you like.

The second type is an enclosure that comes with a pre-installed graphics card that can be swapped later. When you buy the enclosure, it will come with a Graphics card inside, and if you feel the level of performance it offers is limited you can switch the Graphics card and replace it with a faster one.

This type of enclosure is usually much more expensive than others in the market. It is simply because it is customizable hence why it will cost you more.

We have the ones that come completely sealed you can’t change anything inside the enclosure. This one’s tent to be fairly priced but you will miss out on a lot of things in terms of customizations. the sealed eGPU comes with ports, the GPU inside, the cooling mechanism, and every other necessary thing.

With this type of eGPU, you get exactly what you went for and you can’t change anything inside the box of the eGPU. For people who like building eGPUs themselves, it will be a bad idea to go for this one.

Why are Enclosures Expensive?

The amount you pay for an enclosure is somehow ridiculous especially when you consider the fact that it is just a small motherboard with a PCle port and a connector cord. An enclosure alone costs more than $100 and after that, you need to buy the GPU separately.

After successfully building the external enclosure you might want to consider the price of your laptop and the price might even be unacceptable to you. it is important to buy an enclosure that is compatible with multiple laptops.

Some enclosures are only usable with particular laptop brands. This means you won’t be able to transfer them when you get another laptop. you will have to start sweating over buying a new enclosure. Right now, there are no external GPUs that work well with laptops.

It is more of a hit and miss and if you really want to use an external graphics processing unit you might have to do a little bit of tweaking. Once you get it done it will surely be worth it. The performance of your laptop will level up when you connect it to an eGPU.

The cost of thunderbolt certification is really high and right now the eGPU business is still relatively new. As time goes by it will definitely become more available and accessible to people.

There are enclosures that cost as high as $500 and even at that you will still have to buy a GPU. If you combine the cost of an enclosure and a GPU you might be spending around $600 on average. the price of enclosures is one of the key factors that is making people stay away from building external graphics processing units.

Related Questions

How do I install External GPU?

This is a dedicated box that combines an open PCle slot, a desktop-style power supply, and a full-sized graphics card that plugs into your laptop. You need a thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop to be able to use the external GPU on your laptop. when you use an eGPU it gives you the power and connectivity of a desktop while maintaining the small size of your laptop.

What Games can I Play with an eGPU?

This depends on the configurations of your external graphics card. if you have one with the highest configuration possible the you would be able to run any game on it. Same applies if you want to run a high-end software.

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