What is an eGPU used for

What is an eGPU used for?

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What is an eGPU used for? An eGPU as the name implies is an external graphics processing unit. Essentially, it is a modern kind of GPU that does great when it comes to manipulating the graphics and image processing of computers.

What is an eGPU used for? An eGPU is used for enhancing the performance and rendering speed of a laptop, allowing the user to have excellent graphics when it comes to their gaming or video rendering experience. It’s connected to your laptop and allows you as a user to connect a graphics card to your laptop either through a proprietary eGPU or an enclosure eGPU.

Graphics cards are known to be used in systems, phones, PCs and even game consoles, and then there’s the relatively new concept of external GPUs that provide desktop quality graphics by connecting an external hardware dock to a computer laptop.

An external GPU basically serves as an aid to laptops and computers, as earlier noted; it is connected to the laptop or the computer, which means it, is located entirely out of the housing of any system.

When people connect eGPUs to their laptops, it is because their laptop lacks a powerful graphics processor; an external graphics processing unit is used for the very purpose of providing the great quality and performance their laptop or systems can’t quite provide on its own when it comes to graphics.

There are a lot of gamers, 3D artists and so on, and when it comes to their graphically oriented tasks, they require the power of a graphics processor; one that most laptops do not have and for that very reason, an external GPU is used.

It ultimately provides high performance in gaming and rendering, which in turn allows gamers to play video games that their laptops initial struggled to play and other tasks such as video editing and 3D animation are done quite smoothly, all with the help of the eGPU.

An eGPU also serves as a sort of protection for your graphics card, it has a plug and plays feature that allows aggressive gamers to plug into it when they are engrossed in their daily gaming session and then the same user could easily unplug it if they need to.

The added bonus on an external GPU lies in the fact that some systems may not be able to accept normal graphics card, in such cases, plugging an eGPU into your laptop is an easy fix to the issue. Most eGPUs are known to be in a box-like form, with a cable, power, but no graphics card, this is known as an enclosure.

Having an enclosure allows the user to choose from a list of compatible cards and they would still have the monopoly of changing or upgrading it whenever they want and they also work well with laptops that have Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Various types and uses of an eGPU

The eGPU enclosure isn’t the only category of an external graphics processor, and there’s still a small chance that not all graphics card you buy will be compatible with the enclosure, so on that note, it is important to make sure you find out how compatible a graphics card is with your eGPU enclosure before you purchase it.

There are also propriety eGPUs that provide the same performance and rendering that an enclosure eGPU or even the newly invented Thunderbolt 3 eGPUs provides. They are all equally effective eGPUs, even if the proprietary isn’t known to be as universal as its other counterparts.

Every eGPU has rudimentary functions that allow users to connect additional external monitors with the best display, it accelerates the performance of gaming and rendering when it comes to animation, video editing and so on.

How to use an eGPU

Using an eGPU is as easy as plugging it is into the external part of your system, with thunderbolt 3 laptops, they work quite well with graphic cards enclosure and usually, all you’d have to do is connect it to the thunderbolt 3 –port.

Purchasing an eGPU enclosure means that there might not be a graphics card that comes with the box, this is why any user in the market for a graphics card for their enclosure is advised to make sure whichever card they get is compatible with the box it is going to be placed in.

Compatibility also works for the laptop and the external graphics card dock, the same way you have to research whether your enclosure and graphics card go well together, is the same way you’ll have to make sure the laptop of your choice will play well with the graphics card enclosure. This is all in a bid to make sure your eGPU serves you in the best way possible when it comes to its performance.

There’s a long list of eGPUs that do a great job of providing laptops with a powerful graphics supply , these external graphics processing units do well in proving the best performance when it comes to either gaming , video editing and even 3D artistry, they include eGPUs such as;

Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2080Ti Gaming box

This GPU is known to be preinstalled, which means you could avoid the features of an enclosure and just plug it into your laptop immediately and game away. It comes with an inbuilt graphics card and you can check the price of the Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2080Ti Gaming box Amazon here.

Razer Core X Chroma eGPU

It is known to have a 700w PSU capacity and three slots provided for graphic cards that have to be compatible with the device. It doesn’t come with an inbuilt graphics card which means you’re not tied down to a specific graphics card, you can buy the latest graphics card and use it in your Razer Core X Chroma eGPU enclosure.

Choosing an eGPU

Purchasing an eGPU often boils down to buying an eGPU enclosure that works great with thunderbolt laptops, thunderbolt 3 laptops are a sort of new advent and most people these days would prefer to find an enclosure that is compatible with thunderbolt and vice versa.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you need a preinstalled eGPU or the swappable kind. Swappable eGPUs often don’t come with a graphics card and you may be expected to get any of your choices, as long as it is compatible with the device while preinstalled eGPUs have a built-in graphics card.

Whatever your choice may be, they all work well in enhancing the performance of gaming or videoing that may have otherwise been limited by standard laptops.

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