What does RTC connecting mean on Discord and how can I fix it?

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One of the main attractions for discord is the fact that it is an online community in which voice messages could be used by gamers or generally speaking, it gives people in an online community the means to communicate by chatting, video calls and text messages as well.

What does RTC connecting mean on Discord and how can I fix it?

The importance of discord has already been established, RTC connecting error on discord means that you won’t be able to have a smooth connection with discord and it could interrupt the voice connection between you and your teammates, this then hinders your ability to take part in real time connectivity (RTC) voice chats on discord, and that is a huge problem that could be by various actions or solutions.

Real Time connectivity or RTC is a way to have seamless connection and a great way of communication where you’re allowed to exchange messages between two or even more people without any delay and in real time.

In essence, there is a certain connection between RTC and the whole concept of which the web based application ‘discord’ relies on. RTC works in a way that allows you to share information without any delay when your message is being passed across. There is an even distribution of information between you and the audience, this is great for discord and even other social media apps and their live features.

The RTC connecting error is an issue that some discord users could face from time to time, this basically hinders the smooth and uninterrupted information distribution you’re supposed to have, and real time connectivity would be affected heavily because of this error.

The whole point of RTC is to enable real time communication, so when there is even a little but of delay in communication, that defeats the entire purpose and when rtc connecting error occurs on discord, your communication suffers.

How To Fix RTC Connecting Error On Discord

Like any technical related issue, the first stop would be activating a restart button of some sort, the first way to fix RTC issues would be to restart your system, this works as a simple process and you easily restart your router and even your computer.

The thing about restarting your router is that the issue probably stemmed from your dynamic IP, discord doesn’t support dynamic IP because it changes from time to time, so if that is the issue here, you will need to restart the PC router and then reload the browser as well.

Another really easy way to fix this problem would be for your to check your internet connection, this is usually another first step, making sure your internet connection is okay and if it’s not, you will have to fix the issue with your internet provider if that is possible. If the internet connection is fine, there are other solutions on the list.

Another way requires that you uninstall  your VPN, the vpn has an innate ability to change your IP address and this might not sit well and could inevitably lead to the RTC connecting error you’re facing, and discord discord does not support the VPN without the User Data Protocol (UDP) support and the lack of UDP means there is a delay in sharing of information.

To fix this issue, all you need to do is restart your system after you uninstall the vpn, the issue should be resolved after that and the error will clear itself up, but if this isn’t the case, then you’ll have to go for another solution.

Changing your server region is a solution that could work if all the other solutions don’t seem to be leading to any leeway, there’s a slight chance that the error may be happening because of server location or the server of the region.

If that is the case, this may mean that the server is not able to connect to discord from a specific area, this is an issue that discord users can face, and the ways to fix it includes a series of steps that include; going to the server setting on discord, change server region to any region, save changes and then try reconnecting.

Another helpful solution you could use involves disabling you antivirus, the thing about an antivirus system is that the seclude any files that may be of harm to your system, all you need to do is to check your antivirus software folder for any discord file, if there is, you could remove the file from the folder and then reconnect.

There is another solution that involves changing the audio subsystem to legacy in the discord application, you could make this happen by following the steps necessary once you get to the user settings.

There are other options, such as simply disabling g the quality of service on your discord, this method has been proven to work by some discord users, disabling the QoS settings on your discord account could fix the RTC connectivity issues you’re having.

The last and final resort could come from a solution that is as simple as asking your network admin for help, this only works if you’re using discord through a school or business network, a school or business network could possibly have policies that allow them to disable such connections.


The RTC connecting on discord is an issue that no discord user wants to face, surprisingly, it is an issue that happens to some discord users sometimes and in a way, this means that you’re more likely to get solutions to issues that may have occurred with other users.

For each solution to the RTC error on discord is a cause, so you have to find the root of the problem in order to fix the issue with a solution that is likely to help you go back to having a smooth discord experience, fixing the issue means that your real time connectivity will revert to having no delay issues when you’re communicating through voice messages.

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