What does Grammarly mean by the phrase, “intricate text”?

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Grammarly being an integral and free online writing assistant does a lot when it comes to making sure that your writing could be easily comprehended, it helps with grammar checks, spellings checks, and an overall improvement of your text.

What does Grammarly mean by the phrase “intricate text”?

Intricate text in Grammarly usually means that the highlighted portion of your text is difficult to comprehend, this could be because of the complex nature of the text and the solution here could be a simple rewrite. The intricate text could also be a clear indication that you made use of a lot of adjectives and adverbs, or even subordinate clauses and reverse verbs.

Intricate as a word means complex, so when Grammarly highlights a part of your work and tags it as intricate, it is usually because there’s a lot going on and it might be too complex or complicated for potential readers of the text.

The intricate text doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong, it is usually just a way of telling you to simplify your message. When writing a text, it is important to note that you’re writing for people to understand and simplicity is key.

The intricate text could also be because of the fact that too many long sentences with a lot of errors have been used, this could make the proofreading process of Grammarly take the backseat because it has been thrown off its game, and you may have to fix it yourself.

The “intricate text” warning pops up in Grammarly’s advanced suggestions box, If you want to see exactly where you went wrong, you will need the premium subscription, this could help you point out all the errors and you could easily fix it.

Possible Reasons Behind Intricate Text

Sometimes, an intricate text could be a huge issue, especially if your main focus is to write messages that are easy to read and understand, the last thing you need is a complicated sentence that seems like it can’t be fixed.

One main reason why Grammarly might hit you with the intricate text sign is probably that you made use of long, complicated sentences that have repeated words. The easy way to fix this would be to make the sentence shorter and you could also avoid using a word too many times.

Another reason could be a messy sentence structure, making use of many compound sentences in your text could be a factor, your aim should be the use of sentences that are structured neatly, this makes your text easier to understand.

If you happen to make use of this or that at the beginning of a sentence, it could be tagged as as an intricate text, making use of words like this or that will make your readers think back to what you may be referring to and that might lead to a loss in concentration on their part.

Why You Should Correct Intricate Text

In some cases, intricate texts would only be a barrier to the comprehension of what you have written down. When passing a message across, your main aim is for that message to be understood perfectly, an intricate text might do the opposite of that.

In cases that are more business or product-oriented, you may need to correct intricate texts in order to avoid the misrepresentation of what you’re trying to sell. Less is more, in this case, your sentences shouldn’t be lengthy, get rid of as much clutter as you can.

There are many cases in which intricate text isn’t a big deal or a problem, take haiku poems, for instance, there’s a certain poetic license that allows you to write the way you want. It isn’t bad if you’re writing academic topics that are probably complicated.

How To Fix Intricate Text

When Grammarly sends you an intricate text warning, it is usually because a single sentence has too many things going on, simply put, it has too many clauses within it. An easy way to fix it would be to just make your long sentences shorter by splitting it, this makes it clearer and void of errors.

If the intricate text in your case comprises of words like they, that or this, you could fix it by avoiding the word altogether and rephrasing the sentence in a way that still passes your message across without the use of the intricate text.

You could also fix this problem by getting rid of information that isn’t necessary, a repetition of a particular word doesn’t sit very well, making use of complicated sentences or even sentences that don’t make much sense should be avoided.

You could also avoid using too many adverbs, you should only make use of them when they are necessary and even then, make sure you make use of them minimally. Adverbs include words like; Currently, presently, really, seriously and so on.

Functions Of Grammarly

Asides your grammar, punctuation, and spelling, Grammarly also has the ability to spot plagiarized writing, this is a great tool for people who do their best to avoid using plagiarized copies of work. This works in the favor of academic situations and even non-academic situations that require originality at all times.

Grammarly is a great tool to help you edit your work thoroughly, it gives you insights into a lot of things that might be helpful to your work as a whole, and how your audience will understand it better without any confusion whatsoever.

Grammarly as a whole is important if you want to make sure your work is close to perfect, it helps you detect errors or mistakes and because of Grammarly, your work will be much easier to read and understand.

Grammarly gives you something to think about, in cases like the intricate text issue, there might be morning wrong with your text, but with an indication like that, you’re forced to think of ways to make it more readable and better to understand.

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