Razer eGPU: Reviewing every Razer external GPU in 2021

Testing every razer eGPU in 2020 to select the best razer external GPU for you to buy and use for gaming and working at home or anywhere you want.

When it comes to gaming products, there is a vast range of brands available in the market. But finding a top-quality brand with some high-end features is quite different.

Also, if you are a beginner, then you will struggle to decide which brand products you should choose because of the countless options available. Apart from it, the eGPUs products that can deliver superior performance are complicated to find.

But you don’t worry because Razer has come up with some of the top-performing eGPUs that you will love owning. The Razer eGPU aims to provide quality results at a reasonable cost.

But which Razer eGPU is the best? Well, in this Razer eGPU article, you will get to know about some of the best Razer eGPUs that you can invest your money on without any worry.

At a Glance: Our Best Razer eGPU for your Laptop

Razer eGPUs GPU Included Power Supply Compatibility Price
Razer Core X Razer Core X No 650W ATX Window, Mac and Linux OS Check Latest Price on Amazon
Razer Core X Chroma Razer Core X Chroma No 700W ATX Window, Mac and Linux OS Check Latest Price on Amazon
razer core v2 egpu enclosure Razer Core V2​ No 450W fATX Window, Mac and Linux OS Check Latest Price on Amazon

The Razer Core X external GPU is the best Razer eGPU in the market in 2020 right now. It is an affordable product that you can add to your gaming setup for superior performance.

Design & Material

There is nothing new in the Core X model in terms of design. The design of the eGPU is almost the same, which you may see in other Razer eGPUs.

Razer has mostly added a bulky look to its eGPU, but this bulky design makes it a stronger device. Most people usually complain about the damage caused by GPU heat on the enclosure.

However, The Aluminum body of Core X can easily withstand higher heat produced by GPUs, so you will not find any issue while operating it at a higher temperature. 

Specifications & Performance

Razer has introduced larger dimensions in the Core X edition. This hefty metal device comes with an internal fan to keep the GPU cool. It has a sliding mechanism that helps you view the interior section of this eGPU.

You can easily pull the rear panel and adjust the GPU. One thing that you might not like in Razer Core X is that it does not hold USB 3.0, as well as an Ethernet port. 




If you have a bit higher budget, then spending on Razer Core X Chroma will be an excellent investment. In contrast to other Razer eGPUs, this one costs higher and has better features.

Design & Material

There is not much variation in the design of Razer Core X and Razer V2, but there is a vast difference when it comes to features.

At one end of Core X Chroma, you will find small holes that allow a better air movement. These holes permit the fans to move heat outside the device to keep the temperature maintained.

This design will enable the lighting glow to appear outside the device. This Razer eGPU has a CNC aluminum exterior that keeps the GPU safe from all sorts of damage.

The black shades on the aluminum body give an elegant look. Because of the shape, it’s a lightweight eGPU. However, adding a GPU might increase its weight.

Specifications & Performance

Razer Core X Chroma features and performance is another big reason to spend money on this product. This machine has Thunderbolt 3 port that heightens the speed.

Due to the higher speed, you will not identify any lag while operating a high-end task on your system. Further, you can additionally execute multitasking without encountering a delay.

This Razer eGPU is compatible with macOS and Windows. It additionally supports a vast range of graphics cards.

Greater number of ports in the Razer Core X Chroma makes it a great product for people who desire to connect more than one device with the eGPU. The four USB 3.1 ports will help you attach all the required peripherals with this eGPU.




The Razer Core V2 is among the few eGPUs that delivers superior performance at such affordable pricing.

Design & Material

Razer has used its signature design in this edition as well. It comes with a black aluminum body that you will discover in previous Razer eGPUs as well.

The Razer Core V2 includes a large metallic grill on one of its sides. This metallic grill will help you to look at the graphics card without opening the eGPU. Also, it gives a better view of RGB lighting, which you may get with the GPU.

The metallic venting in this Razer eGPU allows a sounder flow of air. Overall, its shape is great, but you will have to give some extra space to the Razer Core V2 because of its bulkiness.

Specifications & Performance

Finding such great features in a low pricing eGPU is difficult, but Razer Core V2 has made this difficult task possible.

The Razer Core 2 is a lightweight product that has greater dimensions as compared to its predecessor. This taller dimension allows this device to store large GPUs with ease.

Owning this product will make you love the visual performance of your system. At the back end, you will find all the ports integrated into this device. This Razer eGPU introduces Ethernet, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 3, and a power port.

The quick-release handle in Core V2 helps you to access the interior part of the device with ease. You will identify a cooling fan at the interior side of this machine.




Bottom Line

Razer Core X Chroma, Razer Core V2, and Razer Core X are the three top eGPUs by the Razer brand. All these eGPUs are of top-quality, and you will never regret while investing in any of the mentioned Razer eGPUs.

However, Razer Core X Chroma has some higher features as compared to Razer Core V2 and Razer Core X, but its price is also higher.

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