Razer Core X Chroma Review

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The Razer Core X Chroma is the companies high end external graphics card enclosure and it comes in at $499 on amazon. It can be used to power any windows or MacBook laptops to run all the latest games. It is the upgraded version of the Razer Core X and it adds the missing customizable RGB lights that was not on the Core X.

The eGPU also comes with ethernet and four USB ports making it more versatile than the Core X. it has some awesome features and Razer also kept the prices at a competitive price. This is one of the top external graphic enclosures out there and this article will help provide you with more information about the Razer Core X Chroma.

In this comprehensive review we will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate the Razer Core X Chroma as the best eGPU for you. read on for its key features as well as pointers for selecting the best eGPU for your Laptop.

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Why you need the Razer Core X Chroma for your laptop

Using a laptop without a GPU is a difficult task especially when you are into gaming or content creation like photo or video editing. A laptop that doesn’t have a GPU is only suitable for doing basic task and playing 3D games. It is not fast enough and if you start running intensive games and software’s on a laptop without GPU it will always crash.

If you care about speed then you won’t go after a laptop without a GPU. These types of laptops are only suitable for commercial and office works. Sometimes people often buy laptops with high end specs and after a number of years the parts become outdated and worn out.

That’s where the Razer Core X Chroma comes in and it can help boost performance of your old laptop. if your laptop has a thunderbolt 3 port then an external graphics enclosure can be used to increase the performce of your laptop. it will allow new and updated games run smoothly on your old laptop.

The eGPU technology is still in its early stages and it already works fine with most laptops. Most people like the comfort of moving their laptops around and with an eGPU you can plug in and run your task. You can unplug your laptop when you are done and move it where ever you want to.

You need the Razer Core X Chroma because it will power your laptop if you pair it with a very strong GPU.

Selecting the Best eGPU for your laptop

The Razer Core X Chroma has an aluminum build and weighs 14.3 pounds without a card inside. We have the Razer logo on top of the cooling gate at the right side. Which ever graphics card you choose to use will be visible through the gate.

The underside of the eGPU is made out of rubber to prevent it from gliding when placed on a flat surface. We have the same dimension like we have on the Core X but there is an RGB light that can be customized using the Razer Synapse Software.

There are a lot of other light effects and options you can choose from the software. The grate also serves as an extra air vent. It has some USB 3.1 type A ports and the thunderbolt ports is located below the USB 3.1 ports. Sliding out the interior is easy because we have a quick release system that brings out everything easily.

Installing and using the eGPU is easy immediately after setting up everything the eGPU starts running the moment you connect the thunderbolt 3 port. you can also use different GPUS with the Core X Chroma. you will get a consistent performance from the enclosure and you can run all the latest version of games and software’s with the enclosure.

It has the ability to do 40Gbps of bandwidth at a time but you need a good USB type C cable to achieve that. It has 700W of power and can deliver up to 100W of power for your laptop to charge. The Core X Chroma is one of the most complete eGPU units out there.

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Here are 6 key points for selecting the Razer Core X Chroma for your laptop

Optimized Thermal Performance

The enclosure has some additional cooling vents and openings that helps keep it cool while its in use. This allows the enclosure to perform at max while powering your laptop.

Razer Chroma Lightning

The lightning helps set you in the mood that you need. It is fully customizable using the Razer Synapse software. There are lights around the enclosure and the software has some effects and more lightning options.

Plug and Play

This simply means that the moment you plug the eGPU with your laptop using a thunderbolt port it will start working automatically. No need to restart your laptop like you have to do with some other external enclosures out there.

Cross Platform

The external graphics enclosure works well with both windows and MacBook’s. it is one of the few eGPUs out there that work across all platforms. Some eGPUs are specially made for macOS while some only target windows.

Compact Build

The combination of aluminum, plastic, and rubber made this external enclosure a solid one. Rubber was used at the bottom to make it stand firm. Plastic was used at the front while the sides and top have aluminum.

They share similar design with the Core X but the Chroma X has some subtle changes. You can also open the box because it has a quick release system.

Upgradable at anytime

Since the Razer Core X Chroma supports various types of graphics card it means you can swap out your graphics card at any time. You can use any GPU from any manufacturer inside the eGPU.

It can be used for more than five years and whenever you feel there is the need to upgrade the GPU inside you can remove it and replace it with a new one.

A Closer look at the Razer Core X Chroma

The Core X Chroma supports almost all types of thunderbolt three ports and graphics card. it also has better component mounting bracket that allows it house any graphics card you want to throw inside. The eGPU has a slightly boosted power output of 700W it has more than enough power to juice up hungry graphic cards.

It has two RGB lightning zones that can be adjusted individually or sync with compatible chroma devices. The controller software is the razer synapse 3 unfortunately it is only available on windows at the moment. it has four USB 3.1 ports that can be used to for a keyboard and mouse.

The core X lacked extra ports and seeing it on the Core X Chroma makes me appreciate it. The eGPU also has an ethernet port that is nice to see. These extra ports cut down the stress of having to connect ports to your laptop each time you sit down.

The external enclosure is going to give your laptop the much-needed boost in performance. If you are using an old laptop you can still use the Razer Core X Chroma to run some latest games. The enclosure comes empty without any graphics card but you can use the AMD RX Vega 64 LC inside the enclosure and it will run just fine.

Depending on the laptop you are using you might not be able to unlock the full potentials of the enclosure. Removing a GPU or inserting one is quite easy because of the quick release system the enclosure comes with. Razer paid attention to important design aspect on this enclosure.

There is a huge difference if you decide to pay 100 dollars more to get the Core X Chroma.

About the Razer Core X Manufacturers

Razer is a leading brand globally when it comes to producing industry standard gaming hardware and software. The company is a multinational technology company and they design, develop and sell consumer electronics. It was founded Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakof and they started off by producing high end computer gaming mouse.

Later they scaled the business and turned it into one of the biggest in terms of gaming mouse, laptops, and a lot of other computer accessories including headphones. They have built a reputation over the years and gaming enthusiasts know that Razer products are some of the most premium.

On the Razer Core X, the brand left its trademark logo and anyone who recognizes the brand would know once he set his eyes on the enclosure.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Dimension – 9.06 x 14.72 x 6.61 inches
  • Weight – 14.29 pounds
  • Operating System – Windows 10 or MacOS
  • Color Options – Black, Mecury
  • Input & Output – Thunderbolt 3 Via type C                                                                               
  • Internal Power Supply –700W
  • GPU max power support – 500W
  • GPU type – single double wide, full length, PCl-Express X16
  • Max GPU length – 12.99 inches

Description of the Razer Core X Chroma

The Razer Core X chroma has the ability to transform your laptop into a complete desktop gaming machine. All you need is a thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop and it will fully be transformed into a leading gaming or workstation. The dedicated thunderbolt 3 design provides dedicated lanes for both graphics and I/O ensuring fluid gameplay.

Make sure your laptop has the BIOS, firmware, thunderbolt software, and other necessary updates before connecting to Razer Core X Chroma. the Core X chroma share certain design characteristics with the Core X. we have additional ports and ethernet on the Core X chroma and that sets it apart from the Core X.

Pros of the Razer Core X Chroma

Solid Build Quality – the Core X chroma has a combination of aluminum, plastic, and rubber making it compact and sturdy. It has a quick release system that lets you open it easily. It has cooling vents and all the extra ports that is required on an external graphics enclosure.

Quiet Fans for an eGPU – Razer improved the fan of the Core X Chroma. one of the major problems of the Core X was that it had loud fans. Razer made sure they fixed that issue with the Chroma Core X.

Built in 700W power supply – the eGPU has the ability to power any graphics card you can use 500W to power any graphics card and 100W can be used to charge your laptop.

Customizable RGB lightning – there is a customizable RGB light on the external enclosure. You can use the Razer synapse software to set some lighting effects and customizations. it can also display up to 16 million colors. The RGB light will help make your setup more beautiful but some people don’t care about it.

Cons of the Razer Core X Chroma

No Software Support on MacOS – the razer synapse software doesn’t work on macOS at the moment and that is a problem for MacBook users. They cannot take advantage of the software and make some customizations on their Razer Core X Chroma. performance is however still on the same level and shouldn’t be a problem.

Thunderbolt 3 bottlenecks GPU – the thunderbolt seems to congest the eGPU and this is as a result of the workloads that is being sent between thee eGPU and laptop.


Dose the Razer Core X Chroma come with a Graphics Card?

No, it doesn’t come with any graphics card inserted inside. You have to buy and insert any graphics card yourself. Some sellers normally combine the external enclosure and a GPU at the same time when you want to buy. The Razer Core X Chroma is only a chassis that can house any eGPU.

Does it work for all brands of laptops?

Yes, as long as your laptop has a thunder bolt 3 port then it is going to work just fine. It works with all operating systems as well. You can use it on Windows, Linux, and macOS but there are some particular GPUs that doesn’t work on macOS like AMD.

Can this house an internal HDD?

No, it cannot house an HDD card there is only space to install a GPU inside the enclosure.

Rounding Up

You have to pay extra 100 dollars if you want to buy this ahead of the Core X but I feel it is completely worth it. Razer kept the price competitive and you get all the extra missing ports and I/O on Core X. it has and RGB light that can be customized and a liquid cool GPU compatibility.

This is one of the best value for money external enclosures out there because its feature packed and future proof.

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