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MacBook Air eGPU: 4 Best External GPU for MacBook Air

MacBook Air eGPU is possible with the right eGPU enclosure and GPU, you can turn your MacBook Air laptop to a something more powerful than even a MacBook Pro capable of handling AAA games at max settings and editing videos in 4K.

Are you in search of the best eGPU for your MacBook Air device? If yes, then this article is for you. Finding an eGPU for MacBook Air is quite hard.

I have seen a few MacBook Air users complaining about adaptability because locating a top-performing eGPU that is compatible with the MacBook Air system is a headache. That’s why we are here to share the best MacBook Air eGPU in the market.

I’m going to show you some of the best eGPU for MacBook Air that you can buy right away without any second thought.

At a Glance: Our Best MacBook Air eGPU

eGPUs GPU Included Power Supply Compatibility Price
Razer Core X Razer Core X No 650W ATX MacBook Air Check Latest Price on Amazon
Razer Core X Chroma Razer Core X Chroma No 700W ATX MacBook Air Check Latest Price on Amazon
AKiTiO Thunder 2 AKiTiO Thunder2​ No No MacBook Air Check Latest Price on Amazon
razer core v2 egpu enclosure Razer Core V2​ No 450W fATX MacBook Air Check Latest Price on Amazon

Razer brand is famous for manufacturing products with bearable cost and superior features for better performance. The Razer Core X is another top product by Razer that will give you greater results on your MacBook Air device.

The Razer Core X and Core X Chroma have a lot of similarities in terms of shape, but the pricing and features are different. One thing that you might miss in the Razer Core X model in USB 3.0 and Ethernet port.

At the rear side of this eGPU MacBook Air, you will only notice a power input and a thunderbolt 3 port. If your purpose of purchasing an eGPU MacBook Air product is only to enjoy better visuals, then the Razer Core X is going to be the best choice because of lesser ports and affordable cost.

Lesser number of ports will create less mess. The quick-release handle present at the back end offers better handling. 375 Watts is the Max power support that it provides for a GPU. 




Razer Core X Chroma is a great device to enhance your MacBook Air performance. Its shape is bulk, so you will require some extra space on the desk for this equipment.

The Thunderbolt 3 port in it helps to boost the graphical performance of the device. The product introduces a collection of USB ports. As it is also compatible with Windows so you can connect it with your Windows system.

The dual compatibility of this device makes it a perfect decision for people who use macOS as well as Windows operating systems. The 700W power supply allows the device to work perfectly.

Apart from this, the four USB 3.1 ports permit the connection for devices like mouse and keyboard. A higher number of ports is always a good option for people who plan to connect multiple peripherals.

To enhance the downloading speed this eGPU MacBook Air device arrives with an Ethernet jack.

Another great feature that you will notice in this device is its customizable RGB lighting. The 16.8 million color collection of RGB lighting in this device supports adjusting of lighting as per your desire. 




AKiTiO Thunder2 is among the top names that might come to mind while talking about the best eGPUs. The best thing about the AKiTiO Thunder2 is that it works well with the MacBook Air as well as the older version of laptops.

Using the Thunderbolt 2 technology this device can help you enjoy superior performance. It comes with dual Thunderbolt 2 ports through which you can connect multiple devices at a time.

Thunderbolt 2 offers greater flexibility by making the device work perfectly for gaming as well as video editing work. Also, it allows the device to transfer a greater amount of data, which gives a smooth experience.

This eGPU MacBook Air product comes with a full aluminum enclosure that restricts the device from damage. However, you will notice a single PCIe interface with it that delivers adequate power.

The metal chassis at the front end of AKiTiO Thunder2 provides better airflow. Another great thing about this eGPU MacBook Air is that it supports double-width, full-height, and half-length cards.

While adding the double-width card, you will need to remove the back panel of this device. Moreover, the DisplayPort 1.2 technology in it permits you to enjoy 4k video without any delay. Also, AKiTiO Thunder2 does not demand you to put a lot of effort in the installation process.




Now you don’t have to keep two separate systems for your normal work and gaming session because Razer Core V2 will help you experience both the activities on the same machine.

The first thing that you are going to like about this device is the design. It has an elegant, sleek design with some superb features. The Thunderbolt 3 port inserted in it grants a super-fast bandwidth speed of around 40Gbps.

In terms of input/output protocols, this product carries PCI-Express, DisplayPort, and USB 3.1. These ports will assist you in connecting graphics and other peripherals with your device at the same time.

The plug and play system in this eGPU MacBook device makes it a suitable option for beginners. You will not need to reboot the Razer Core V2 on connecting it with a peripheral.

Further, it features an aluminum handle that allows you to move the GPU tray. The four USB 3.0 ports embedded in the Razer Core V2 permit a multiple connections for peripherals.

For gamers who love RGB lights, this eGPU MacBook device appears with dual lighting areas. You can adjust the lighting effect as per your needs.

The additional cooling fans in it controls the temperature during intense gaming. You can easily enjoy long hours of gaming without bothering about the temperature because of the fans present in it. 




Bottom Line

Razer Core V2 and Razer Core X are the two top eGPU MacBook Air products that you must try. Both these Razer eGPU will make you enjoy the higher performance with some high-end features at affordable rates. However, you can also pick the AKiTiO Thunder2 product if you desire.

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