In League of Legends, what is ranked flex?

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League of legends is one of the most popular online games in this day and age, it is a multiplayer online battle arena video game and it is known to have no Riot endorsed mechanisms to “pay to win.”

In League of Legends, what is ranked flex?

Ranked flex in league of legends is known to be a competitive game mode, it is fully known as ranked flex queue and in this mode, you get an open type of queue where up to 5 players can team up and battle another team of 5 players. With ranked flex, people can join to play a competitive game, you can have a solo queue which is just 1 or you could have a team of 2 to 5, with an exception of 4.

The ranked flex works in a way that allows players earn ranked rewards from flex queue at the end of a season, with this kind of gaming mode, there will certainly be some form of communication between players in the game.

It is a very competitive mode, and players can only access it when they reach level 30 with their account, the main of the ranked mode is to match different players with a similar skill set together, and it is known to be more challenging that normal games.

Ranked flex is practically on the same system wave length as solo/duo queue, this means that they have the same rules of leagues and divisions, but they do not share their rankings and achievements. Instead, they’re two different ladders that you can climb.

Ranked flex isn’t taken as seriously as the solo/duo queue, since it’s inception, not a lot of players have seen the point to playing the competitive mode, it gets even worse as a lot of players complain about being subjected to negative comments less insults if they are the cause of their team’s losing streak.

With a full five man team, ranked flex is more fun than competitive, you get to play with your friends in this scenario and it should be as casual and easy-going as possible, ranked flex is known to be a little toxic sometimes, so it is important to keep it as fun as possible.

Ranked Flex Main Issue

The way ranked flex works is that it puts together players that have similar ranks,  as the name implies, it is ranked. The thing about this is that ranked flex definitely has some restrictions in store for its users.

If you’re new to the flex game, and you’ve only played about ten promotional matches, this would mean that you probably don’t even have a rank yet, so you could play or team up with anyone or any type of rank.

The issue comes about when you finally have a rank, with a rank, you cannot just play with anyone you want, it has to be a player that has a similar rank to the one you have. An example of a rank that can’t play together is probably gold 1 and silver 2, this is because the ranks are too wide apart.

However, if your ranks are closer to each other, let’s say gold 1 and silver 1 you will be allowed to queue of play together, this means that there would be a lot of people who may not get to play with their friends because of ranks that are just too far apart.

Rank Flex Main Issue Solved

The issue of only playing with similar ranks is said to have been solved thanks to Patch 10.15, with it, players could team up without worrying much about their ranks, players will be able to play ranked Flex Queue with anyone without rank restrictions.

This change will definitely improve team play and learning because a player with a lower rank could play with someone that has a higher rank, and that could be a learning experience for a lot of players. With this change, you could definitely team up with your friends without worrying about whether or not you can play with them or not.

Benefits Of Ranked Flex

Like everything else in the world, there are sure to be a few advantages and probably a few disadvantages like,  with the advantages come to a few benefits of playing a ranked flex game over the normal game.

One benefit is that you get to play against tougher opponents. It is a competitive mode, so a lot of people would have to bring their A-game, this means more competition for the teams and players, all the competitiveness will definitely help you improve your own gameplay as well.

With ranked flex, there are so many other advantages, one other advantage is probably the fact that you could improve your map play massively, this is because you would be playing with a very coordinated opponent.

Another great advantage of the ranked flex is that you get to have fun with your friends, in a team of two, three, and five, there’s sure to be fun and banter when you’re playing an online game and communicating at the same time.

Disadvantages Of Ranked Flex

The main disadvantage that has been going around for a long while now is that a lot of players seem to pass over this competitive mode, they don’t see the use in playing ranked flex and when there is no point in doing something, it wouldn’t get done. They find the solo and duo queue more interesting and challenging than the ranked flex.

Another major disadvantage is probably the fact that some of these ranked flex games harbor a more toxic behavior, people could be teamed and still not get along when everything isn’t working out successfully.

This toxic and negative behavior is the reason why a lot of players may become hesitant to play ranked flex and they might prefer the solo games as they are also competitive and probably just as fun.

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