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How much performance do you lose with eGPU?

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by paularo

As fast as an eGPU is there still some level of performance that drops when you are using an external graphics processing unit. An eGPU is used to boost the performance level of a laptop or MacBook. You need a thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop to even connect your laptop to the external graphics card.

How much performance do you lose with eGPU? You lose a 10% to 15 % performance drop when playing games or running high-end 3D graphic software. One of the major reasons for performance drop is because there’s some interference through the Thunderbolt connection.

Performance drop depends on the configuration of your external graphics processor. Some factors like high resolution and frame rates also determine the percentage of performance loss. For example, running a game at 4k 30Fps you might witness over a 25 percent drop in performance. While running the same game at 1080p 60Fps the performance drop will be a little less.

The eGPU sits outside your laptop and in most cases, it is not easily moved. It gives you desktop-level performance on a laptop and you can comfortably run games and demanding software’s on your laptop. as good as it sounds it still has its own limitations.

Although an eGPU looks like a real deal for better graphics performance it still has its own limitations. It is a relatively new technology and right now it is been advertised for MacBook users.  It only works with thunderbolt 3 laptops and that is an issue because only people who buy the most recent macs from 2015 to 2021 are able to use the eGPU.

The price of an eGPU on average starts from $300 which is expensive. For now, only a few tech-savvy individuals use the eGPU hopefully the niche gets bigger with time.

How fast is an eGPU?

An eGPU is relatively fast since it can be used to boost the performance of a laptop by up to 80 percent. If the internals of your laptop is performing slowly and you don’t want a brand-new laptop then getting an eGPU is highly recommended.

An eGPU is mostly fast when you running a game but you will barely notice the performance when running software. some apps that wouldn’t run on your laptop would definitely work if you use an external graphics card to power your laptop. graphics performance will surely be upgraded and would appear smoother if you use a laptop with a high refresh rate.

It is very important to find out about the configurations that will be compatible with your laptop. most of the time finding the perfect eGPU for your laptop is difficult. If you wish to build the eGPU you might want to buy an enclosure that can support at least 500watts of electricity.

The enclosure normally comes empty so it’s left to you to decide the card you wish to insert inside the enclosure. There are complete ready-made eGPU like the Razer Core X, but you can swap out the GPU and replace it with another.

Some users have pointed out issues regarding internet speed when using an eGPU. They claimed their internet is slower when they are using an eGPU. Generally, the eGPU has some flaws and it is noticeable sometimes. An eGPU will make your laptop faster regardless of its limitation and like I said earlier if you want to use your system as a powerhouse then the eGPU is the way to go. Regardless of what people think about an eGPU, it can still be useful.

How Good is the Performance of an eGPU?

The performance of an external graphics processing unit depends on the video card mounted inside the eGPU. The higher the performance the higher the processing speed you get. You need to also use the right connection to get the most out of an eGPU.

The greater the bandwidth the more performance you get from the video card at its best, you can be able to get between 70 to 80 percent performance inside the eGPU. The performance is really good and it stacks up as a powerhouse that will enhance your laptop.

It is important that you install the drivers of your laptop after you have finished connecting it to Thunderbolt 3. For now, thunderbolt 3 is the fastest means of connecting an eGPU to your laptop. if you are the type that moves around with a laptop and still want to keep the standards high then using an eGPu will be worth it. Some will rather rely on building a desktop which is another great way to go. Especially the prices of eGPUs are not steady and fair right now.

Users of eGPU are still hoping for faster connectivity and maybe a hardware update might be what they need. If the thunderbolt 4 should come out it will certainly be than the thunderbolt 3. Software updates have also helped the level of performance of external graphics cards.

When you are running the eGPU at high frame rates the performance tends to be different than when using it at lower resolutions. MacBook’s are the major beneficiaries when it comes to external graphics cards. The internals of a MacBook computer is lacking in power and it is very difficult to replace parts of a MacBook computer. I believe with more releases coming soon the eGPU business will only get better.

Related Question

Is buying an eGPU worth it in 2021?

I would say yes if you want better performance from your laptop or MacBook. The price of an eGPU might not be encouraging at the moment but as it gets more popular the prices will become better. For now, this is the only way to upgrade your laptop’s performance.

Is thunderbolt the only port way to connect an eGPU to a Laptop?

We have three generations of thunderbolt port but only the thunderbolt 3 gives you maximum performance when connected with an eGPU. It can transfer 40Gbps of data and it synchronizes everything at once to your laptop.

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