How Much Is An External Graphics Card For Laptop

How Much Is An External Graphics Card For Laptop?

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With the current landscape of laptops, there are still a few that don’t have enough power to run the best graphics possible for your gaming and rendering. This is where the use of an external graphics card comes in, once you attach an external dock to your laptop and a graphics card connected as well, you’re sure to get the kind of graphics you need. 

How much is external graphics card for laptop? The price of an external graphics card isn’t fixed, not all external graphics cards have the same price. There is a price range from $300 to $3000 ranging from different specs to budget options. The price range goes from the most budget-friendly to an average price and then the most expensive.

The budget-friendly graphics card go from around $300 to $500, the average prices go from around $1000 to $1500 and then the more expensive graphics cards go from $2000 to an extended price tag. The prices of the external graphics card are there to suit the needs of just anyone looking for an external graphics card and there is options to choose from each price range.

In a case where you get a laptop that doesn’t play nicely with the games of your choice and you find that it is lagging behind in more ways than one: buying an external GPU or external graphics card will be more than helpful. It even makes sure your video editing runs smoothly and fast as well.

All you need to do is connect your eGPU enclosure and make sure it also has a graphics card in it, and your old laptop with low-performance ratings will be way better than you’re used to.

The supply and demand of graphics cards these days is unending, there also seems to be some sort of shortage these days, that is why the prices seem to be hiking up with time. Graphics cards are very essential for gamers and artists, they need them to make the graphics of their laptops better.

In the world today, there’s a lot of gaming and 3D artistry, and video editing going on. Because of that, external graphics cards are extremely helpful. Instead of spending a lot on a new laptop with a powerful GPU, most of them find it easier to just get an external graphics card and then attach it to their low graphics performance laptop. 

With all of this in mind, it is absolutely important that you get an external graphics card that is not only the best but also friendly with the budget range you have decided to go for.

High Price Range For External Graphics Card

This category fits the bill for a graphics card that goes from 600 dollars to 1000 dollars. Sometimes it might even hit the 2000 dollars range. These graphics cards are usually very popular or they belong to popular brands that have made a huge name for themselves in the graphics card market.

Not everyone is expected to buy this range of graphics cards, just because the price is high doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t find other graphics cards just as good under a different price range. This range is mostly for people who have no issue paying this amount of money for the best graphics card money could possibly buy.

There are a lot of very good manufacturers that have placed their graphics card under this price range and they are rightfully allowed to do so, based on the specifications of the card.

Most of these cards pride themselves on the best graphics performance and they also have a lot of other specifications that are quite unique and state of the art. A graphics card like the NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU starts from $2,500, this makes it a very high-ranged graphics card with extremely priced features.

Average Price Range For External Graphics Card

The average price range is just as the name implies, it falls right in the middle for people who can spend more than the usual low budget while avoiding a graphics card splurge.

Usually, most people go for the average prices because it is a safer option. You can still get the best external graphics cards under this price range and you don’t have to risk buying one that is cheap and probably not as good performance-wise.

This price range goes from 300 dollars to 500 dollars and a little bit above that, there are still a lot of the best graphics card brands that fall under this price range, and their performance when hooked up to a laptop is just as great as the high priced graphic cards.

A lot of people are drawn to the average price of the external graphics cards, there are a lot of options under this range and they all still have really great specifications that will take your laptop gaming to the next level.

An example of a graphics card under this price range would be the AMD Radeon Rx 5700, it is great if you’re under a mid-range budget and it still does a lot of great graphics work for your laptop. The exact price is about 359 dollars, which is just right in the middle.

Budget-Friendly Low Range For External Graphics Card

This goes to the low prices that have been extremely useful for people within a limited budget.  With the hike of graphic card prices these days, it is great to have the cheaper deals to fall back on. Their lower price range knows no way means that they are not as good as their other counterparts.

They still have the same functions that all graphics cards have, they might just be older models of different great brands and that’s still highly useful for your graphics performance.

The lower price range goes from 100 dollars to maybe somewhere below 300 dollars. They are extremely functional and they come in handy for people who can’t get the more updated versions of the same brand.

A perfect graphics card that fits this bill would be the GT 730 4GB, it is just as great as the other options and it is one of the best graphics cards you’re going to get under a constrained budget, it goes for 119 dollars, that’s right below 200 dollars, making it extremely budget-friendly.

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