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How can I improve my laptop graphics performance?

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Graphics is never a small aspect of a computing device, they might be in size but not in importance. Activities like heavy gaming and full high-definition video editing require good graphics performance. This article focuses on ways to boost graphics performance.

How can I improve my laptop graphics performance? You can improve your laptop graphics performance by buying an eGPU which is basically an external graphics card that will boost the graphics performance of your laptop which means you can now play the latest AAA games and get fast render times on your projects.

These improvements can be done by tweaking or upgrading both hardware and software. There is also the issue of maintenance, you cannot be careless with the use of your laptop and not expect consequences.

19 Ways to Improve your Laptop Graphics Performance

The next 19 points will suggest improvements and how you can make them.


External graphics processing units are used to increase the capacity of your graphics card. Asides from the options; RAM and Antivirus, this is another option that might set you back a few dollars (sometimes a whole lot of dollars). This option is viable if:

  1. Your PC is compatible with an eGPU.
  2. You are willing to spend at least $499 like the Razer Core X Chroma, sometimes $4000 like the Aorus Gigabyte RTX 3090 Gaming Box.
  3. If your workstation is stationary as even the portable ones are not so light.

Optimize your resolution

When you are playing a graphics demanding game, there are options to reduce your resolution that results in a better frame per second (FPS), this will help the game run better and remove that annoying issue of slow gameplay.

Texture settings

This is almost similar to the previous point. This focuses on the 2D and 3D aspects of your gaming experience. For instance, your laptop is capable of displaying 3D but if you don’t adjust the settings, you will not optimize your graphics card for gameplay.

Clean your PC

There is really no way around this. You cannot use greasy hands to navigate your device or ignore the fact that your fan accumulates dust. Cleaning your laptop is really important; blow air into the vent to get rid of dust, use a microfibre cloth to wipe down your monitor and keyboard. Also seek information on how to maintain your PC.

Upgrade your RAM

If you have 4GB RAM, you should at least double it, the higher the RAM, the better. Your FPS will be low when the available memory card is not sufficient to run it. The only drawback of this upgrade is that this does not apply to higher RAMs like 16GB and 20GB as increasing the RAM will have no effect on your PC just your wallet.

Update drivers

Update drivers from the right source. More often than not, your laptop manufacturer has a website where you can update drivers. You can also update it through the Windows update options.

Adjust battery/power settings

Optimizing your power for specific activities will go a long way in improving graphics performance. Be aware that graphics demanding activities cannot thrive on a battery-saving mode and so on.

Storage type

You should upgrade to Solid State Drive (SSD), this is faster and will provide you the opportunity to enjoy the use of your laptop. If you already use an SSD, upgrade the storage size.

Direct X

Direct X is an important software on Windows that enables games to run smoothly. Always ensure that this software is updated to the current version.

Close background apps

There are apps that run in the background, they require a part of your laptop’s memory. Ensure you shut down background apps that are not necessary for your PC to function at that particular time, this will free up memory for use.

Overclock the graphics card and CPU

To optimize your gaming experience you can boost (overclock) your max clock speed. It is advisable not to make this boost over 15% to prevent this from damaging your laptop. This process requires a significant amount of electrical energy and increases the heat produced by the GPU.

To remedy this, get a cooling pad to improve airflow. Popular overclocking software is MSI Afterburner, it works for both NVIDIA and AMD.

Activate Windows 10 Game Mode

There is a Windows setting that can with the optimization of your gaming. Go to the settings option, click on gaming, use the left navigation panel, click on game mode and switch it on. This will help with your FPS.

Uninstall unnecessary software

Any software that is not in use, should not be hanging around. Do a regular check and ensure you uninstall software that is just taking up space, this is another way to free up memory and storage.

Tweak NVIDIA Control Panel

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, there is a control panel you can access, use it to improve your graphics processing power.


Clean your system with an Antivirus. Virus eats up your memory and affects the overall performance of your PC. Get a genuine Antivirus and check for any issues that might be affecting your laptop.

Disable startup programs

There are some apps that always run when your system is about to come on, this sometimes delays your actual system startup and also takes up memory. For windows, go to your task manager, click startup and disable these apps (the unnecessary ones).

Defragment Hard disk

Just as the name implies, this process removes fragments of data. It puts them together as one, then frees up space to increase the speed of data access on your PC. The process is easy, just put look for the “defragment and optimise drives” option on your PC (through the search bar), select a drive, and carry out the process.

If you have tried all these and the graphics performance of your laptop still seems poor, there are a few options you might want to consider.

If you play online games

Your graphics card might not be the issue, it could just be your network speed, ensure you look into that before considering the next option.

Change or upgrade your laptop

If you have tried everything on this list and you do not see results, then you upgrade your PC. Not the software or the hardware, just purchase a new one that will suit your needs. If you do not mind a little DIY, just build one.

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