eGPU For HP Envy x360

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Using an eGPU for HP envy x360 might not be possible without a thunderbolt connection, the HP Envy x360 comes with two USB 3.1 gen 1 Type-A ports on each side, also with a USB 3.1 gen 1 Type-C port, it, unfortunately, isn’t known to have a thunderbolt 3 port which makes it harder for it to be compatible with an eGPU.

Best eGPU for HP Envy x360?

A thunderbolt 3 connection is usually required for most eGPUs these days, if you’re lucky enough to have a hp branded laptop with a thunderbolt port, your best bet would be the HP omen accelerator, however, if your don’t have a thunderbolt connection, a DIY egpu setup should be a more likely option for you.

Top 5 eGPU list

HP omen accelerator

The HP omen accelerator is a powerhouse when it comes to egpus, it has all that your HP laptop would need,  it will provide you with the best graphics performance possible and with a lightening fast thunderbolt connection, you could also get speedy data transfers.

The HP omen accelerator is easy to setup and it is an easy plug and play option if you don’t want to struggle with hard processes, it also has an amazing power supply to keep your laptop and graphics card powered up.

You can expect ultimate performance with the relatively new HP omen accelerator hardware, it has become a great eGPU solution to a lot of Hp users, and making use of this egpu is one of the best options.

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EXP GDC Beast- EXP card version

The exp GDC beast is a graphics dock that allows you to connect a graphics card to your laptop for the best gaming  experience, it still has the same function a thunderbolt eGPU has, except for the fact that it isn’t as plug and play as you’d like it to be.

This device is great for laptops without a thunderbolt connection and it will completely change your device in terms of performance, all you need is a great power supply and an even greater graphics card to connect to your laptop for the ultimate performance setup.

The dock is profitable when your laptop has only the Intel HD graphics, so this is a perfect choice for the HP envy x360, if your model is lacking a thunderbolt connection, this would be a great setup option for you.

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Ngff Dock Version

The Ngff dock is another external dock option for your eGPU setup, it allows you to connect the right graphics card to your laptop, before the setup, you will have to determine the kind of WLAN card your laptop has.

If it has the ngff dock version, you could buy the NGFF Version eGPU dock , the important thing about this dock version is that it is potentially providing you with an option to connect your gaming or powerful graphics card to your laptop.

It is an optional setup version, and at the end of the day, if your laptop doesn’t have this particular type of Wi-Fi LAN card,  then the setup wouldn’t be possible and you’ll have to look for other options for your eGPU setup.

Link to buy

M.2 eGPU Dock Version

The m.2 egpu dock is an option only if your laptop has a M.2 slot, this option works great for an eGPU setup, This works great if you have the right power supply and graphics card, the graphics card does the main work when it comes to the eGPU setup because it will be providing the boost in performance that you’re looking for.

This only works if your laptop has an M.2 slot, so you’ll have to find that Mini PCIE slot and connect the eGPU cable to it,the process isn’t hard as long as long as you make use of various resources that will help you figure it out

Your choices are pretty slim if your HP envy x360 doesn’t have a thunderbolt connection, the m.2 egpu dock is more or less a last resort to gaining the graphics performance you need, and it works great with the right hardware.

Link to buy:

Mini PCI-E Version

The mini PCIe dock only works if your laptop’s Wi-Fi LAN card is of the Mini PCI-E variety, if it is, you could buy the Mini PCI-E version eGPU dock, this entire setup will go well with the best graphics card and a great power supply as well.

The eGPU dock comes with a power connector and a Mini PCI-E to HDMI Cable. In order to setup eGPU, you have to connect the eGPU cable to your Laptop’s Mini PCI-E socket by replacing the WiFi LAN Card.

The mini PCIe version is for laptops with a Mini PCI-E slot, so in essence, you’d be  using the Mini PCI-E version EXP GDC beast eGPU dock If your laptop has the slot, geared together with the best choices in GPU and power, you’ll have yourself an egpu setup that works in no time.

Link to buy:

Choosing an egpu for HP envy x360

The eGPU options for the HP envy x360 is rather limited without an actual thunderbolt connection, which is why the exp GDC beast is a great eGPU setup, all you need is the most adequate graphics card or GPU, the right cables and an equally great power supply.

If you’re lucky enough to have a functional thunderbolt connection, the HP omen accelerator is worth looking into, that way you don’t have to worry about these DIY setups and you can ultimately enjoy the plug and play feature the thunderbolt eGPU has to offer.

When choosing the eGPU option that best suits your laptop, it is best to go for one with a great graphics card, and if you find yourself in a situation where you need to choose the graphics card yourself, there are a lot of great options you could easily go for.


The bottom line here is deciding between the HP omen accelerator and the EXP GDC beast, on one hand, the omen accelerator works great with the right thunderbolt connection, and on the other hand, the exp GDC beast is an extra option if your laptop doesn’t have the the right connection.

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