eGPU For Dell Latitude

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The best egpu for dell  latitude depends on the exact model of your laptop, in soles cases the dell latitude might not be compatible with an eGPU because it might not have a thunderbolt connection, but some dell latitude models are luckily  compatibility with certain eGPUs

The Best eGPU For Dell Latitude?

The Sonnet Breakaway 350 is the best external graphics card for the dell latitude laptop.

Sonnet Breakaway 350

The sonnet breakaway 350 has features such as One x16 PCI Express 3.0 slot and 350W/500W Power Supply with a 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 interface with one Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port, this makes it a great option for some models of dell latitude.

It supports cards with popular GPU chipsets such as AMD Radeon R9 and RX and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 7xx, 9xx, and 10xx series, all in all,  it supports some of the best cards that have amazing performance.

And you also don’t have to worry about the size of the card you’re getting, the sonnet breakaway box supports full-height, full-length and double-width cards, this means you’d have to go for these sizes and another great thing about it is the fact that it is the quietest eGFX box available.

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Gigabyte RTX 2070 Gaming Box

The gigabyte RTX 2070 gaming box is another eGPU to go for if you want an egpu that is possibly compatible with your dell latitude, it has all the right and much needed features that will boost your laptop’s performance.

With the right thunderbolt connection on your dell latitude, the eGPU will connect using the thunderbolt 3, the thunderbolt connection provides a speed of up to 40 Gbps and delivers 100W to charge the laptop.

This egpu provides output in different ways, you could get one HDMI and USB c port in order to enjoy ultimate multi viewing through external monitor output, with the gaming box you get great gaming, rendering and even A.I.

Link to buy:

  Mantiz Venus

The mantiz venus is another eGPU that is likely a great choice for your laptop, it could be paired with the RX 5700 XT for the best performance and graphics you could possibly want, with this egpu, you get all that you need in terms of functionality and even speed.

This egpu will definitely be a great addition to your dell latitude, but only if your laptop has the necessary connection, with thunderbolt, you get to plug it in and immediately use it without any formal or stressful setup.

The mantiz Venus is known to be an all in one docking station, it has all the right features and all the right connections as well,  if you want the best out of your laptop,.the mantiz Venus is one egpu to go for.

Link to buy:

Razer X Chroma

The Razer X Chroma is an egpu that is very versatile, it is compatible with a lot of laptops and the dell latitude is luckily one of them, as long as it is compatible with your laptop, it will provide the graphics performance you need.

It supports PCI card sizes that are full-length, triple-width and a couple other sizes, it is a full thunderbolt 3 graphics expansion chassis with 700W power supply that is capable  of powering the laptop and the graphics card as well.

You could use the Razer Chroma X with your laptop for the best gaming performance or rendering, you could also make use of it if you need to access third party design apps or software that require a lot of GPU power.

Link to buy:

Alienware graphics amplifier

The alienware graphics amplifier is fully compatible with dell products, in fact the amplifier wouldn’t work anywhere else, this is great because it has been built specifically for dell laptops like the dell latitude.

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier is a great and relatively inexpensive way to boost your laptop’s graphics performance, and the fact that it isn’t compatible with any other laptop brands makes it even better as an option.

The only downside to it is that it might not be as portable as other eGPUs, this might be a problem for people who like to be on the move with their dell laptops while carrying out their performance driven workloads.

Link to buy:

Choosing the best egpu for dell latitude

One thing you have to take note of when choosing the best egpu for dell latitude is that, your dell laptop might not be able to work with an eGPU, in cases like that, you could actually find the dell alienware graphics amplifier.

The eGPUs listed above have been noted to work with a few dell latitude laptops, so the chances of it working with yours have to be based on the model you’re using, if your model has access to the thunderbolt connection, then you could use an egpu.

Another option is the DIY egpu, for dell latitude laptops that don’t have the right thunderbolt connection,they could make use of other eGPU alternatives, these alternatives are based on a donut yourself system, so the setup is usually not so walk in the park.

There are certain instances where you’ll find an eGPU that is compatible with the model of your dell latitude laptop, but after connecting it, your laptop doesn’t detect it instantly, issues like this shouldn’t create any worry, as long as your eGPU is compatible with your dell latitude, it will work.


All the egpu choices are great when you have the right connectivity and compatibility. Without it, you won’t be able to enjoy the best graphics performance from your eGPU, as long as you have the right connectivity, you could choose between the sonnet breakaway box, the RTX 2070 gaming box and the mantiz Venus.

Other options like the Razer Chroma X is a reasonable and great option as well, while an option like the alienware graphics amplifier could be a last resort, this is only because the alienware graphics amplifier is rumored to have been discontinued.

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