eGPU For Deep Learning

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Using an egpu for deep learning is a way of meeting all your deep learning needs, basically, deep learning is a part or type of machine learning which is very vital to data science, and asides from the occasional use of eGPUs for gaming, you could also utilize them for data science purposes like statistics.

Best eGPU For Deep Learning?

The best egpu for deep learning is without a doubt the sonnet breakaway box 550, it is one of the best because it has been designed specifically for bandwidth-intensive video graphic cards.

Top 5 eGPU List

Sonnet Breakaway 550

The sonnet breakaway box has a 550w power supply which is good enough to power up your laptop through the deep learning process, it also has the ability to support high end graphics card that will match all your deep learning needs.

All you have to do is plug in the sonnet breakaway box to enjoy the best graphics performance you could possibly get, it has the ability to deliver higher frame rates when it comes to gaming and it has an all round graphics performance for any other workload.

The Breakaway Box supports almost every thunderbolt-compatible PCIe card, regardless of the card’s length or width, this makes it much easier for you to find a gpu that is compatible with your eGPU and it also fits in the PCIe slot easily.

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Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming Box

Everything about this egpu screams high end performance, it has all the right features and all the right specs for you to not only enjoy an unadulterated gaming performance but you could also enjoy deep learning an less AI as well.

As a data scientist you can definitely achieve results easier and faster with the  RTX 3080 gaming box, all you need is the right thunderbolt connection and the pairing between your eGPU and laptop is as rock solid as possible.

It also has a cooling solution which is there to take care of the graphics card and all its important components, the one thing you want more than anything is to have a great graphics card and to also be able to take care of it, and that’s what the gaming box does.

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Akitio Node

The Akitio node pro is great when it comes to setting up a dedicated deep leaning eGPU, it has a thunderbolt 3 connection which allows you to have the easiest set up process your could possibly have.

You could pair it with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 which is completely compatible with eGPU box, just plug in the nvidia geforce into the 3 x16 PCIe Slot which provides 75W of power, and then you could also connect the 8-pin power connector providing another 400W power supply.

Once you’ve set up the necessary hardware components, you can move on to the software setup which requires a lot of ticked boxes, you will need to install cuda, tensorflow and maybe a few other frameworks.

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Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming Box

The aorus gaming box is a solid choice when it comes to eGPUs for deep learning, one thing the Aorus gaming box is known for is its ability to put in as much power as possible into its box, this power is inevitably important when it comes to handling your workload.

Asides the power supply, it also has a thunderbolt connection which is very useful if you want and instant connection and a speedy transfer rate as well. It has all the right features and with all of that, you can achieve all your deep learning goals.

This egpu houses the GeForce GTX 1080, which is an all round gpu with amazing features that allow you to have the most impactful eGPU experience, whether that involves gaming or deep learning.

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Mantiz Venus

The mantiz Venus along with the RX VEGA could be really helpful if you’re into deep learning, the combo has everything you will need, power supply, the 8gb of the RX Vega, and the efficiency the mantiz Venus provides with its 550W power supply.

The great thing about the mantiz Venus is it’s affordable price, it is even said to be the most affordable full featured egpu enclosure in the eGPU market, in a way this makes it even more efficient for a lot of people because they’d be getting a great price along with great features.

The upside of making use of the mantiz Venus is that you get to have unmatched compatibility along with a nice variety of expansion ports for all your connectivity needs, add all of that with a sleek enclosure and the best gpu,and you’ll get the best performance.

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Choosing The Best eGPU For Deep Learning

When choosing the best egpu for deep learning, you have to go for an external gpu that can handle the pressure that comes with workloads that aren’t necessarily gaming of rendering. This aspect of machine learning can be quite complex, so you have to go for an eGPU with the best computing features.

You might come across certain egpus that are good at supporting high end graphics card and you might find some that have a lower standard in terms of the gpu they are compatible with, the trick is to choose the eGPU that can support top notch graphics card.


The sonnet breakaway box, the gigabyte gaming box and the Akitio node are all great choices for you to choose from, to add to the list of great choices, you also have the mantiz Venus as well as the aorus GTX 1080 gaming box, your choice will depend on how compatible and powerful it is.

You could also go beyond this list in order to find the right egpu for you, as long as it can cater to your deep learning needs and as long as it has the right features that can power not only your laptop, but also your graphics card.

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