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The best egpu for davinci resolve ultimately depends on the eGPU with the best performance, a thunderbolt eGPU that fits perfectly with your thunderbolt 3 laptop will be perfect if you need to run davinci resolve.

Best egpu for davinci resolve?

The best egpu for davinci resolve is said to be the sonnet eGFX breakaway box, and this is mostly because it provides the kind of power you will need to run davinci resolve.

Top 5 eGPU List

Sonnet eGFX breakaway box

The sonnet breakaway box has a feature that might seem like a slight disadvantage to some people and a great advantage to other people. It doesn’t come with a gpu installed in it, so because of that you could easily change your gpu to the latest and most compatible graphics card.

You also get to have choices when it comes to the sonnet breakaway box, you could either go for the the sonnet eGFX breakaway box 550, which supports cards requiring 375W of power or you could go for the sonnet eGFX breakaway box 650 which supports cards that require 375W of continuous power plus an additional 100W peak power.

With the sonnet breakaway box, you get high performance and because you get a choice when picking out the gpu, you also get to upgrade it as well. You don’t have to be stuck with just one Gpu, especially if it isn’t powerful as it used to be.

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BlackMagic eGPU

BlackMagic eGPU is great for apple products, it is an egpu that comes with its own gpu installed, in a way that might be very helpful because you don’t have to worry about finding a graphics card for your eGPU.

The Blackmagic eGPU Pro features an additional displayport supporting an external display at up to 5K resolution, this is a great feature that can benefit your workload and it might be very useful when running davinci resolve.

The blackmagic egpu has a Radeon Pro 580 that will definitely boost DaVinci Resolve’s performance on any Thunderbolt 3 equipped laptop, the performance and how fast it works depends on the eGPU and even the thunderbolt connection.

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Sonnet eGFX breakaway puck

The sonnet breakaway puck is also another option, along with being really powerful and effective, it is also portable and compact like, it has an egpu that comes along with it, so you may not be able to necessarily upgrade like the breakaway box.

This egpu also has two models which includes the Radeon 560 and the Radeon 570, both of which have 4GB video memory and 45W of power supply for charging a laptop while it is connected.

There is also a 4K HDMI connection and three displayport connections that can support up to four 4K displays, this is a huge feature for an eGPU and it caters for the needs of creative workloads like photo editing and gamers could benefit as well.

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Razer X Chroma

The Razer X chroma and even the Razer core care both great options for davinci resolve, the one main difference they both have is in their power supply, Razer Chroma had about 700w power supply and the Razer core X has 650, the difference here has an impact on how your resolve will work.

In essence, the Razer Chroma X is the right egpu for this task because of the 700w power supply, it can surely power your laptop and even your graphics card. This will undoubtedly provide you with the amazing boost in performance you need.

The Razer Chroma also gives you a level of flexibility, you don’t have to be stuck with one particular graphics card, you can have your choice, as long as your choice is a good one and will definitely allow you run your davinci resolve software peacefully.

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Akitio Node Titan

Akitio node titan is another great option for davinci resolve, all you need to do is to plug it into your laptop and you’ll be able to make used various editing apps and software like the davinci resolve without any fuss.

Once you plug-in the Akitio  Node Titan,  you will transform  your Thunderbolt 3 equipped computer into a high-end graphics processing workstation, and this allows you to have great graphics and you will also be able to run other editing apps.

It has lightning-fast graphics and a thunderbolt 3 port for up to 40Gb/s speed, you could also play or work with your davinci resolve while charging up to 85W for notebook charging, this means that the power supply unit is solid.

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Choosing The Best eGPU For Davinci Resolve

One major decision you’ll have to focus on is picking the external gpu with the best performance, you don’t want to buy an egpu that doesn’t make much of a difference to your laptop once you plug it in. The best egpu will give your laptop the boost it couldn’t get with its integrated gpu.

Choosing the best egpu could also mean that you have to choose what kind of eGPU you want, it could either be a pre-installed egpu with the graphics card in it or it could be an eGPU that doesn’t come with any graphics cards along, giving you more than enough room to swap or upgrade your GPU.


The top three choices you have when it comes to an egpu for davinci resolve is the sonnet breakaway box, BlackMagic Radeon 580, and the sonnet breakaway puck, picking the one you want the most should be based on what features you like out the most of the three.

Razer Chroma X and Akitio node are also top choices, they have what it takes and they’ve been vetted by experts who have vouched for how great they are and how well they run davinci resolve on laptops. In summary, your eGPU choice could change how your laptop runs software like davinci resolve.

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