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External graphics processing units for ExpressCard are usually used as an older alternative to the thunderbolt connection, the ExpressCard slot is found in older laptops and it is the predecessor of thunderbolt, and there are also a lot of ExpressCard options at your disposal along with the ExpressCard egpu dock.

eGPU For Expresscard? 

There are so many external GPUs to connect to your ExpressCard for the best egpu experience, you could make use of an Nvidia or AMD graphics card for your eGPU setup.

Top 5 eGPU List

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Card

The GeForce GTX 1650 is an extra push of your want to achieve the absolute best gaming performance, it is known as a game change since it provides high powered graphics, the most important feature is that it offers the best performance and upgrade for your laptop.

The speed you get with this gpu is super fast, it is a combination of the nvidia geforce gpu and the nvidia studio driver which provides the ability to to supercharge creative applications, this means you get to unlock great performance, reliability and speed, all at once.

This is a great choice for your gaming experience, you can have an upgrade in performance as well as the creativity that comes with video and images, you get to go at a speedy pace when making use of this gpu with your expresscard egpu dock or interface.

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Nvidia GTX 1050 ti

Using your expresscard to host an egpu is a far older method that the thunderbolt 3  enclosure for eGPUs these days, with the GTX 1050, you can use the expresscard along with the graphics card to reach a certain performance level for your laptop.

With the GTX 1050, you can turn your laptop into a gaming rig, it is super fast and it is also very powerful, it also has a lot of essential nvidia gaming technologies loaded in it that will help you get the kind of gaming experience you need.

It has all the you will need for an expresscard egpu setup, with the right expresscard slots and the best power supply available, you could hook this gpu up and start enjoying all the performance perks you could have.

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AMD Radeon RX 580

The Radeon RX 580 8GB is a high performing piece of gaming hardware,it has the performance for gaming and any other workload the user might need to enhance, all you need is this gpu connected to your laptop.

It is suitable for a lot of high end games, this means that it’s quality matches those of a lot of game. You could also get higher frames per second to play on ultra game settings and that in itself is a huge bonus.

The expresscard setup is more likely to need a gpu with the suitable performance level for all your needs, the AMD Radeon is a great and suitable choice, it has all the right features and it is known for PC gaming in a whole.

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GeForce GTX 660

The GeForce GTX 660 is built for fast and fluid 1080p gaming, what this means is that with this kind of graphics card in your eGPU setup, you get to enjoy the fast speed that comes along with it.

You also get to enjoy the best performance possible,because of the many features it has. It delivers an amazing performance along with powerful connectivity and on the plus side, it is also quite affordable, this means you can get it without the fear of any extra or excess charges.

It is an excellent mid-high end gaming card that would fit an expresscard egpu setup, it has all the right features, whether it is the best price, the best performance and even the best power consumption.

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Nvidia EVGA GTX 750 Ti

The GTX 750 is another great option that goes with most DIY egpu setups,.it has an incredible performance and is a huge step up from the internal gpu of your old laptop, with an express card slot and the right cable and power supply, you could connect this gpu for great performance.

It has the best value and it is also equipped with the best visuals you can find, this is a great graphics card choice and it is even better if you’re looking for a particular range when it comes to your gaming experience.

It delivers 25% more performance than previous-generation cards and up to twice the power efficiency, this makes it even more efficient and reliable that a lot of graphics cards put together.

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Choosing egpu expresscard

Choosing the expresscard egpu dock is a suitable choice if your laptop has an expresscard slot, there are certain hardware that will need to be put in place for your eGPU and expresscard setup to be complete.

You’re going to need a decent power supply, the expresscard egpu dock and cable and most importantly the graphics card, this is where the aforementioned graphics cards come into play, they are reliable, efficient and they’ll give your laptop the boost in performance it highly requires.

The expresscard slot is a reliable interface that has been superseded by the thunderbolt connection, so these days, most eGPUs enclosures come with thunderbolt,in the case that your laptop has an expresscard slot, you will need the right graphics card to setup the eGPU you need.


The nvidia and AMD GPUs are all reliable and helpful in most DIY egpus, and since the expresscard version of the egpu setup will require you to create your own eGPU connection, you’ll need the best graphics cards in the market to achieve the gaming rig of your choice.

It is important to go for a GPU with all the right features and qualities. Features like speed, high performance, power consumption and so on are exactly what the nvidia and AMD GPUs above all possess and choosing the right one for your eGPU setup highly depends on the best features you could find.

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