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Does windows 10 support eGPU?

Last Updated on June 18, 2021 by paularo

One of the major things you need to consider before getting an eGPU is compatibility. Will the particular enclosure you are interested in buying be compatible with your operating system? it is important to ask this because there are already issues regarding enclosures not working well with some particular operating systems.

Does windows 10 support eGPU? Yes, Windows 10 supports the use of an eGPU. You will need to have a Thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop however before you can be able to use it with an external graphics enclosure or an eGPU for short.

An eGPU gets the job done when it comes to upgrading the performance of your laptop if you want to run graphic-intensive games or faster rendering when editing videos on a laptop then an eGPU will help make it easy for you.

For example, there are some GPUs that don’t work well with MacBook’s. if you want to solve compatibility problems easily you should visit Reddit and other forums like

There are a lot of external graphics cards that work well with windows 10 but some of them require little tweaking’s for them to work well. It is very important to make some enquiries before buying an eGPU. This majorly because there can be compatibility issues most of the time.

You can use the most powerful eGPU on a Windows PC but there can be limitations when it comes to macOS. One important thing you should know is that with windows you can run both AMD and NVIDIA based GPUs.

While with MacBook you can’t run an NVIDIA based GPU. There are forums like Reddit and that you can use to check for the perfect configuration for your windows 10 laptop.

Using eGPU with Desktop

It is possible to use an eGPU with a desktop computer it can serve as a GPU for the desktop. If the desktop has a thunderbolt 3 port it will even be much easier to connect it with the desktop. Most desktop these days come with a thunderbolt 3 port and If you have an eGPU you can use it as a power source for your eGPU. It will work properly just like it should when you get a proper GPU.

With time eGPUs will become a trend and the prices will be fair. Right now, the price is a major reason why people are not buying them. they are strong components and people who are using eGPUs are really finding them useful.

There is some external graphics processing unit that comes with an HDMI port and that is one of the most common port found on a desktop. You can use the HDMI to run the eGPU on your desktop. The connection will rely on the PCle and it has 16 lanes that data can travel through. It is also important to know the exact eGPU that will work with your desktop.

There are people that also connect the eGPU to their laptop and then use their monitor as a bigger display. Video editors and professional gamers are those that need the extra space of a bigger display. This will enable them see all the extra details while editing videos or playing games.

An eGPU will be able to display a high resolution or refresh rate on the monitor. Slowly when the eGPU technology improves they might be alternatives to proper GPUs for desktop computers.

Does macOS Support eGPU

Yes, macOS works well with an eGPU and one of the main purposes why eGPUs were built in the first place was to help boost the power of iMac or a MacBook laptop. if your mac or iMac runs on version 10.5 sierra or higher then an eGPU will work perfectly fine for you. the internal graphics card of macs is limited most of the time.

Before the introduction of eGPU gaming on a MacBook was nearly impossible this was as a result of slow rendering and inability to run graphics demanding games. With an eGPU, the performance of the MacBook is levelled up and will meet certain demands. It can be used to run high-end graphics demanding software’s as well.

Before you buy any external graphics card for your MacBook you need to know that it doesn’t work with all the eGPUs available out there. The special ones that are designed to work with apple cost significantly too much. Apple is all about premium products and the only external graphics processor listed on the apple website is the Blackmagic eGPU that cost about $700.

Another major issue is the fact that it doesn’t work with NVIDIA based GPUs. NVIDIA is one of the biggest players in the GPU market and it’s a big letdown that it doesn’t work with macOS based computers and laptops.

External GPUs like the Razer Core X work with iMac, MacBook, and other macOS based gadgets. But it has some limitations like the software that can be used to access and adjust the level performance of an eGPU doesn’t work. Apart from that, you will be getting very high performance and all the games and software’s will run fine.

A thunderbolt 3 port will be the final piece of the puzzle you need to solve before running your macOS powered laptop.

Related Questions

How will I know that my laptop will work with eGPU?

If the laptop has thunderbolt 3 connection port then you have completed the first requirement before you buy an eGPU. It is important that you make enquiries before finally making the decision to buy an eGPU.

Does my laptop have thunderbolt 3?

To find out if your laptop has thunderbolt 3 all you need to do is to check you user guide or manual. If it comes with the thunderbolt 3 port the manufacturer will make it one of the major highlights of the laptop. thunderbolt is not USB type C. type C was only adopted as the carrier of thunderbolt by intel.

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