Does having two GPUs increase performance?

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We know that having a GPU can greatly improve gameplay and high graphics work on your computer. However, some gamers are not still ok with a single GPU due to a drop in performance. And some have begun having the idea of adding another GPU to double the performance of their laptop. You might as well have such kinds of idea too, and might be wondering those it really improves the performance of my laptop. Is there any side effect of using more than one GPU on my computer? Well, you are in the right place. I will be giving my opinion on whether two GPUs improve performance or not. Let’s get to it.

Does having two GPUs increase performance? Yes, having two GPUs definitely increase the performance of your computer and provides better video editing, 3D rendering, gaming performance on your computer than the performance of a single GPU. Two GPUs basically brings double the performance speed and power.

Graphics cards help boast gaming and other high graphics-intensive jobs performance of your laptop. Making it powerful enough to handle the amount of data the games come with.

Why this, because our laptops are not like the desktops that have an extra slot of adding another integrated graphics cards. Thereby causing gamers to look for an alternative with the GPUs. With an external GPU connected to your laptop, the needed powers and memories required for these games to work properly are supplied.

Howbeit, most are not still ok with the performances they get using a single GPU and tend to add another GPU to their setup to see if the performance will increase. You see the performance will be boasted. But come to think of it, in this our world anything that has advantages also come with little disadvantages. Although the performance will increase but at what cause. Does it worth it’s using a double GPU on my computer. Let’s get all your curiosity settled here.

The requirements of two GPUs

Just like there certain requirements to support the connection of a single GPU on your laptop so are there too in connecting two GPUs. Before you go rushing to get an extra GPU, you have to check if your laptop has the power to support two GPUs.

To connect two GPUs on your computer, you need AMD or NVIDIA technology that helps in connecting a single GPU. The solutions of AMD graphic and NVIDIA are crossfire and SLI respectively. These solutions have to be compatible with the motherboard of your laptop. To check if they are compatible with the motherboard of your device, you can check the motherboard box to if it came with a crossfire or SLI symbol.

Or better still visit the webpage of the motherboard and check for specifications that support it. After doing this, the motherboard again must have the necessary PCI Express graphics slot. You will also need a desktop case that is large enough to house the hardware.

A huge power supply that can run the cards. A bridge connector is also needed to connect the two GPUs which comes with the motherboard or the graphics card. Lastly, the crossfire or SLI have to be enabled on the control panel in the GPU drive. If all these are ready and available you can connect the two GPUs to your laptops.

Benefits of connecting two GPUs

The greatest benefit you can get by connecting two GPUs to your laptop is to increase the performance level during gaming. When you have two graphics cards that render the same power, games tend to run faster. Giving you the performance you have always desired.

It also allows the video games to run at higher FPS and give increase resolutions. You do not have to go changing anything to boast the frame rate of the games.

The extra graphics card improve the quality of the game with additional filters. For instance, if a single graphics card renders a resolution of 1080 which is good enough, two graphics cards game run at higher resolution.

Such as 4K resolution which is 4x the original resolution of a single GPU. Also, two graphics cards support the use of multi-monitor for gaming. That means you can use more than one monitor when gaming, and it will still run fine.

Limitation on using two GPUs

Yes, two graphics cards bring a few benefits to the table. You can connect multi-monitors when gaming, have better game performance and lots more. It will be bad if you know the good part without knowing the downsides of using two graphics cards on your laptop.

The first is the cost. If a single GPU can be quite expensive for someone on a low budget just imagine the cost of running two GPUs. It equally means that you will spend double to run the two graphics cards properly. But does it worth it.

To me, if a single GPU runs well for you, you don’t need on getting another. And you must also understand that GPUs are power-hungry. This means two graphics cards installed on a computer means double power supply. For instance, if a graphics card uses 400 watts that means two will need a power supply of  800 watts.

And not all computers have been equipped with such kind of power supplies. That means that before linking two GPUs you have to check the requirements to determine if your computer can run two graphics card.

You must also know that not all games run with two graphics cards. Some of these games run slow with two GPU. Lastly running two graphics cards simultaneously on your laptop will generate more heat than usual and additional noise. You know weigh the benefits and the limitations do two GPUs worth it.

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Do GPUs loss performance with time?

GPUs do not lose performance with time. However, there are other factors that can make a GPU lose its performance. Things like dirt, their thermal paste can lose performance resulting in heating of the GPU.

Is GPU necessary to play games on your computer?

Yes, for you to smoothly run the latest games on your computer, you have to get a GPU. It is the GPU that will help increase the performance of your gaming on your computer. However, if only run mid-range games  GPU is not always needed.

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