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Does eGPU Reduce Heat?

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by paularo

The eGPU is an external graphics processing unit that is there to take the load off your laptop, it does quite a number of things, such as creating great image processing for your laptop and enhancing the graphics of your laptop, especially if the internal GPU of your laptop isn’t doing such a great job.

 Does eGPU Reduce Heat? Yes, an eGPU will reduce the heat produced by your laptop, it takes a lot of weight off the internal GPU is exactly why it will reduce the heat or temperature of your laptop. The internal GPU wouldn’t be used as much as it used to before you connected an external GPU and because of that, the heat will be lesser than it used to be.

You wouldn’t have to worry so much about your system overheating because the eGPU will be there to reduce the workload and equally the heat load of your laptop.

The eGPU is connected to your laptop and its job is to basically be a powerhouse that reduces the work of your laptop. Therefore making your laptop better, if your laptop couldn’t handle a particular game before, there’s a huge chance that adding an external graphics processing unit will change that for you.

The external GPU serves as a great substitute that provides all that you need for a good gaming and rendering experience, with the help of the eGPU, you’re such to have better graphics because it is basically an external graphics card that you can connect to your laptop through one single cable.

What it does is that it surely takes most of the work from your internal GPU; your laptop’s GPU wouldn’t have to do as much work graphically because of the external GPU. What that implies is that the eGPU will be carrying out more of the tasks and image processing.

Basically, the powerful workload from the GPU of your laptop is taken and placed on the external GPU. So what you have now is an internal GPU that probably used to get overheated while doing all the work, but now with the help of the external GPU, the workload has been reduced, and so will the heat.

If your laptop’s GPU isn’t doing a good job when it comes to playing the latest games or even just carrying out few rendering tasks, the external GPU would be a great addition to help solve all those problems. It does its job a little bit more by taking most of the heat off your laptop and that in itself is one of the reasons why people are more than glad to get an eGPU, to step in for their internal GPU.

It does more by allowing you have more than two displays for your laptop. What you need to use an eGPU boils down these days to a thunderbolt 3 connection, a graphics card, and a power supply. All of those parts work together to take the heat off the whole laptop, quite literally.

The Cooling Benefit Of The eGPU    

The cooling of a laptop is an issue as old as the inventions of laptops, if you’re lucky enough to have a laptop that doesn’t get overheated so fast, then that’s good for you, but if you find that your laptop overheats sometimes when it has been put to the test or when you’ve been using it for heavy tasks for so long, then an eGPU might seem quite beneficial.

Most laptops are quite thin and light, so as much as one would think that technology has gone as far as creating a huge cooling space in such a small compartment, one would be highly disappointed. Sometimes your laptop might not be able to do all the things you expect it to do.

It may not be able to work well and in a conducive manner with particular apps and games, so when you use it anyways, it might overheat because of the workload it has to carry. This is where an external GPU comes in, it takes the load off, leaving your internal GPU without any more work, and this means the temperature reduces as well.

The moment you attach an external GPU to your laptop, and you go through the entire process of making sure it has been recognized by the laptop, your laptop transfers that graphics processing part of its job to the external             GPU, and this will definitely allow the laptop to maintain a cool temperature. Even when you’re gaming with your eGPU, the laptop will remain cool because the main heat source isn’t within the laptop’s range anymore.

Why Too Much Heat Isn’t Good For Your Laptop

If your laptop has a really high-powered GPU but a limited cooling system, there will be a gap in how cool the temperature is and this means your laptop will heat up faster and the cooling unit won’t be able to get rid of the heat.

High temperatures have a lot of disadvantages; excessive heat can damage the internal circuit of the GPU and lead to a highly unstable laptop that no one wants to deal with.

You will have to make sure you prevent your GPU from getting high temperatures all the time, and fortunately for a lot of people, an external GPU does so much in preventing that from happening, thereby avoiding any issues that might occur because of overheating.

Also, a heated laptop could often result in your laptop screen having glitches or it could even have a lower performance rate and the lifespan of the laptop, its hardware components, and the GPU. When there is an external GPU there to make sure the internal GPU doesn’t overexert itself, you save yourself a truckload of future worries and damages.

Asides from the use of an eGPU, there is a term known as underclocking that also helps to consciously reduce the heat of your GPU, there are safe ways to do it and the process is known to prevent the GPU from overheating and reaching high temperatures.

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