Does eGPU help video editing?

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Video editing requires a very good graphics card to run smoothly. Editing videos have become a full-time job for people everywhere in the world. As easy as it might look you still need a powerful laptop or desktop paired with a very strong GPU.

Does eGPU help video editing? Yes, eGPU helps you edit video faster. If you are a video editor that needs more power on your laptop or MacBook for faster video editing then an eGPU will help you edit videos faster. The speed at which your video will render however depends on the configuration of the eGPU you are using.

The topmost recommended eGPU the Razer Core X is a great buy if you want an external GPU for video editing. You however need a thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop in order to connect it to an external GPU.

If your laptop is not capable however an eGPU might be your final option if you want smooth and faster rendering. As a video editor myself I know what it is like when it takes forever for a three-minute video to render and export. There are no two ways about video editing the better the graphics the easier and faster your work will be done.

With an eGPU, you can comfortably edit 4K footages and it will work just fine. An external GPU is more like a traditional GPU that is paired with a desktop. This time it comes in a smaller form factor and a different connection method.

The external GPU is still more of a niche product and production is still not yet in full scale. Apple presently has the Blackmagic eGPU listed on their website and that is the certified eGPU that works smoothly with iMacs and MacBook laptops. Other external GPU work with MacBook as well but you need to research before buying.

Pairing eGPU with Premier Pro

Premier pro by adobe is one of the most popular video editing software and it works on both Windows and MacBook’s. if you use a laptop that is slow when editing videos with the premiere pro software then using an external graphics card might help run the video editing software faster.

Premier pro can be used to edit all types of videos and if you edit 4K footages then an eGPU might help make it even faster. But there have been certain reports that sometimes the software doesn’t work with eGPU.

There are times when the eGPU underperforms but it is always important that you have the latest version of the software. An eGPU will also do its main job of powering your laptop sometimes there are some minor tweaks that need to be done for some software’s to run well.

Since 2019 every version of the adobe premiere pro video editing software can use the Thunderbolt 3 eGPUs. This will speed up intensive video editing work. Previous versions of the adobe software’s didn’t take full advantage of the external graphics processing unit.

Other adobe software’s like Photoshop, and After effect also take full advantage of the eGPU. You can also use it on a MacBook to run Final cut Pro and it will speed up your video production. An eGPU is a very powerful tool that can be used to upgrade the level of your work flow.

It is always good to check out the configurations of the eGPU of your eGPU before making the final decision to buy. There are a lot of enthusiasts who find this niche product useful. These are mostly tech-savvy people who rely mostly on their laptops for work.

Best eGPU for Video Editing

There are a lot of eGPUs out there that can be used for video editing but we are going to share with you some of the best that offer amazing value for money. the Razer Core X Chroma is one of the best enclosure available and it supports 700watts power supply.

It works well with NVIDIA or AMD GPUs it is capable of editing 4K videos the quality of the graphics you get with this is amazing when paired with a good video card. it shouldn’t be mistaken with the Razer Core X the Core is the upgraded version.  

The Akitio Node is one of the most talked-about enclosures out there and the price is one of the major reasons why. It can be a perfect alternative external graphics card for video editing especially when paired with a decent graphics card. it has support for 400 watts power supply which is strong enough to power the GPU.

The build quality is solid and it has room for a full-sized graphics card. we have a combination of metal and rubber for the build. The enclosure comes with extra ports that include a USB port, HDMI port and of course a thunderbolt port for connectivity.

The Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2070 is a solid eGPU and if you are ready to go all out on eGPU then I will recommend this powerful box with a unique looking design. It comes with everything you need and the RTX 2070 inside this little monster of an eGPU.

The graphics card is more than capable when it comes to video editing and it can also be used for gaming. From the design alone, you would know it’s a solid graphics card enclosure it has some LED lights and a very big cooling fan. It comes bundled with all the necessary ports needed.

Related Questions

Can eGPU be used for pro gaming?

It can be used for pro gaming but getting the right eGPU for gaming will cost you a lot of money. you might even prefer building a proper gaming desktop. most pro gamers prefer using bigger displays for gaming only few users look the eGPU way for gaming.

Does eGPU affect photo editing?

Well photo editing apps are not really demanding much from your GPU you are better of if your laptop have more ram. Editing images don’t require some top of the line video graphics card.

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