Can you get banned for using a Steam achievement manager?

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Steam as a whole is a video game distribution service that allows you to install and update your games while providing you with a lot of interactive features, the function of steam achievement management stems from the function of steam, so steam achievement management is basically an app that helps you manage all your achievements on steam.

Can you get banned for using a Steam achievement manager?

Steam achievement manager is highly considered as a bot and even a cheat, and for that reason it is against the steam subscriber agreement. However, this doesn’t mean you can get banned for using the stream achievement app, in fact there are so many cases of people who have attested to using the app without facing any issues regarding a ban. This in no way justifies the use of the app, but it is still used by a lot of steam users to change their achievements to suit their personal taste.

Steam achievement manager is relatively easy to use, it works in a way that allows you to get any steam achievement as long as the game is on steam, this process is feasible with games that have achievements on steam, if the game isn’t listed, you have the option to type in the game ID and then add it to the list.

Steam achievement manager is actually pretty safe to use, there are a lot of steam users out there who make use of the app, and the jury is still out on whether or not it is an authorized app.

There have also been some debates on whether or not it goes against some of steam’s user agreements and policies, but the main thing to take note of is that there haven’t been any records of bans caused as a result of using steam achievement manager.

However, there is a slim chance tha your account may be terminated if you use software that are known to be cheats or bots, software like steam achievement manager, and if this is true, there’s a chance that your account may be cancelled, this theory isn’t confirmed to be hundred percent true, but it still remains a probability.

Making use of steam achievement manager is completely at your discretion, while you may not be banned by stream or valve because of your use of the app, you can be banned from the game developers directly if you keep using cheats for your achievements.


The valve anti cheat ban is one to watch out for, it is usually applicable when an account or numerous accounts tied to a phone number connects to a VAC secured server while using or running cheat software.

There are regular checks done by valve anti cheat, these regular checks are conducted on the game files of all users connected to valve’s servers, this is done in order to make sure that third party software isn’t being used to give the player an upper-hand, if this kind of software is found to be in use, then there might be a VAC ban.

A VAC ban usually takes effect on VAC-secured servers, so this means that a VAC ban could be issued because of a particular game that detected the use of a cheat code of some sort, this ban is usually permanent and hard to reverse, this is why it is best to avoid any software that might be detected as a cheat.

With the number of games you’re allowed to have on steam achievement manager, it is possible to be VAC banned on your account, but that doesn’t mean you’re banned from using stream, all you have to do is check which games have been affected by your VAC ban, and you could still play single-player games, local LAN games, and multiplayer on non VAC-secured game servers.

While the VAC ban is permanent and the use of cheat on secured gaming servers isn’t tolerated in any way, there are some cases in which VAC bans might have been issued incorrectly, in such cases, the ban will be lifted automatically after investigation.

Steam Account Bans

Steam itself may not ban you because of the use of steam achievement manager, a ban like that is usually as a result of the game developers themselves and their valve secured gaming server, if you’re using the steam achievement manager app on a game that doesn’t have a secured server, you probably won’t get caught but reverse is the case for secured servers.

There are a few clauses that may result in a steam ban, reasons that have nothing to do with the use of steam achievement manager, but all the same, it is in your best interest to avoid these various issues or rules that may result to a ban if broken.

Steam account bans happen when you go against the terms and conditions of the steam subscriber agreement you agreed to when you were signing up or registering for steam, any breach of the contract could lead to the restriction of your account and possibly a ban.

Reasons For Steam Account Ban

One of the main reasons that may lead to a possible ban is the buying, selling, trading and the transferring of a Steam account to third parties, this is completely against the steam rules and this could definitely lead to your account being discontinued.

Another reason is what could be likely termed as hacking, the rule that is being broken here is the mere attempt of trying to gain access that is unauthorized into another account that clearly doesn’t belong to you.

Your account could also be banned if you’re involved in any fraudulent activities. This isn’t a restricted scope, there are a lot of issues that could be defined as fraudulent and as long as they are taking place through your steam account. 

In cases where the original owner isn’t the mastermind behind the fraudulent activities, steam support will send an alert to find the original owner of the account.

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