Can you add Thunderbolt to a laptop?

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Thunderbolt is a universal serial bus port and cable that has a connectivity speed of 40Gbps. The most common use of the Thunderbolt is to connect external graphics processing unit (eGPU) to a computing device. Its speed makes the eGPU function properly or as it is designed to function. Its newest version is called Thunderbolt 4.

Can you add Thunderbolt to a laptop? No, you can not add a Thunderbolt port to your laptop. Although you can’t create or add thunderbolt to your laptop, you can use third-party tools like adapters to connect a thunderbolt cord to your laptop

Thunderbolt is an Intel technology cable connection interface; it makes a connection to high-speed devices easy with high-speed ports. Connecting eGPUs and computers via its cable is essential to ensuring reliable performance. Various accessories make it easy to extend your PC’s capabilities through docking and external devices.

Laptops have things that can be added to improve their capacity; RAMs, external graphics card, external graphics processing unit, solid-state drive and so on but the Thunderbolt is not one of them. It is an intel technology product, that is added to laptops from the factory and the system is built to accommodate its capacity.

The Thunderbolt technology is not restricted to any laptop as brands like Razer, HP, ASUS and even Macbook have this port.

The Thunderbolt is reserved for certain types of laptops, more common in Ultrabooks, it is not found in cheaper laptops especially the lower end central processing unit laptops.

Let us look at a few features of the Thunderbolt;

Its ports can perform a few impressive functions; there are several ports that enable your devices to be powered, there are some others that distribute video signals from your PC to an external monitor. Besides providing fast data transfer, TB can also deliver video-based power to compatible devices, this includes charging a lightweight laptop.

With the Thunderbolt 4, There has never been a better connection standard as it supports including Thunderbolt 3, USB, DisplayPort, and PCle. The speed for TB3 and 4 is 40Gbps, with the former has a minimum PCIe requirement of 16Gbps while the latter has 32Gbps. USB-C is compatible with the ports.

To use Thunderbolt devices older than the TB3, you will need to purchase an adapter to connect to the TB4. Asides from that the TB4 allows you to use 4K 60hz DisplayPort or HDMI through a dock that makes connection easy. You can also connect USB devices; keyboards, gaming headsets and so on. With the TB4, there is a substantial increase in performance and transfer rate of external graphics and external storage.

It has PCI Express (PCIe) option as it can access compatible PCIe devices for video capture devices used for live-streaming gameplay. Users can enjoy high-speed internet with the networking feature that has the capacity of 10 Gigabit Ethernet network that function with an adapter.

When you purchase a new laptop and you want to transfer large files or for any other reason you need to transfer large files, the TB cable has the capacity to connect two computers over a P2P network. Making the transfer fast and seamless; its embedded security protocol prevents threats from external devices.

It has a quick charge feature which is great for charging phones, lightweight notebooks that require less than 100W, and other compatible USB devices.

There are numerous benefits of Gaming with Thunderbolt 4. TB4 provides significant upgrades to your gaming experience, so how will it improve your gaming setup? It has a dock that connects it to your PC. This dock has numerous benefits starting with port expansion.

The dock aids with increasing the number of devices you can connect to a laptop or desktop with a Thunderbolt 4 dock. For instance, you can connect a gaming keyboard, a wired gaming mouse, a phone, an external monitor, and a solid-state drive to a dock, and then just a single Thunderbolt 4 cable connects to your PC.

 Connection efficiency is dependent on how many devices are plugged in and the type of ports are supported will vary depending on the dock’s make and model. The Thunderbolt 4 docks have USB 3.0 Type-A, DisplayPort, and audio ports. It increased the number of ports available and frequently features additional ports.

Connection is made fast and easy with a bandwidth of 40Gbps, TB 4 ports are very compatible and have no issues connecting with high-performance devices; gaming monitors and a high-speed solid-state drive.

These ports maximise the designed speed of these devices and they do not overload the port’s capacity. The bidirectional bandwidth ensures that the outgoing video signal will not affect or interrupt incoming data from peripherals or a storage drive.

The dock design is suitable for cable management; it helps you to keep your gaming space organised, this includes the organisation of your gaming accessories. Plugging into a central hub instead of connecting directly to your laptop, eliminates all those unnecessary cables that are usually exposed on the table.

It achieves this organisation by designing the dock with one cable going to your laptop and other things connected to the dock. This gives your gaming area a minimalist vibe. Mobility. Simply detach one cable instead of three or four when you want to relocate with your laptop.

With all these features, it is evident that the Thunderbolt is built with precision and serves a particular purpose, making it impossible to just fix it in any device. If you really want to use a Thunderbolt connection, the best option you have is to purchase a laptop that is designed to use one. This is worth it as it will increase the speed of all your drives when plugged in, it has a USB Type-C (gen 3.1 and 3.2) design

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How many versions does the Thunderbolt have? There is the Thunderbolt 2, the most popular is the Thunderbolt 3 and the latest is the Thunderbolt 4.

How much does it cost to get a laptop with thunderbolt connection? It cost a minimum of $300 (approximately) and it can cost as high as $3,000.

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