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Can We Add GPU in Lenovo Laptop?

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by paularo

Lenovo laptops sell most of their laptops with Nvidia graphics cards or graphic processing units, their GPUs have great performance, many Lenovo laptops have graphics cards or GPUs that are soldered into the motherboard, these cards are great for hardcore gaming and exceptionally heavy video rendering as well.

Can we add GPU in Lenovo laptop? Yes, you can add GPU in a Lenovo Laptop by using an eGPU which boosts the graphics power of your Lenovo Laptop, just make sure your laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port and is compatible with the eGPU you want to buy.

Find out the perfect Lenovo laptop + eGPU build you can use.

The GPU performance is said to be high and in some of its laptops, the high performance is said to be a bit much for the cooling solution. Lenovo laptop brands like ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Lenovo Legion, and Yoga, all have Nvidia graphics and they all provide their users with great graphics performance.

As far as most laptops go, they don’t really have an internal expansion slot for their GPUs and Lenovo laptops aren’t that different. Switching out the internal GPU isn’t really an option but you can add an eGPU with the help of all the necessary ports, you can get an external graphic dock with a great GPU and then add it to your laptops if that’s what you want.

The external GPU has an equally great performance and it gives your internal GPU the chance to take a breather and the heating of your laptop will relatively be less.

Most laptops have no room for additional GPUs and with integrated graphics, it is hard to detach the GPU from the motherboard, you would definitely have to replace the processor to upgrade the graphics card.

Another thing you might want to avoid is opening up your Lenovo laptop to see if you could add a GPU when all you need is to add a GPU externally to your laptop and the performance could relatively still be up to par, just the way you want.

Removing the dedicated GPU of your laptop could cause few damages, removing it in the first place would require a special skill set and tools, but it is mostly advisable not to do anything that may affect the internal GPU or the motherboard.

Removing the laptop board would be very complicated; adding a GPU into your laptop may also be a bit complicated if it is possible, unknown issues could stem from poking around in your laptop. Integrated or dedicated graphics cards can’t be removed because they are mostly attached to the motherboard, but in some cases, you could find a way to change the old GPU and add in a new one.

Best Graphics Card For Lenovo

  • ThinkStation Nvidia P400 LP
  • Nvidia GeForce 605 Graphics card
  • Nvidia Quadro 600
  • Nvidia Quadro FX 4600 
  • Nvidia Quadro FX 1700

Installing External Graphic Cards For Lenovo Laptop

There is a device called Exp Gdc eGPU dock that allows you to upgrade or add the laptop’s GPU externally, the external GPU will come in handy in case you find it hard to add a GPU to your Lenovo laptop. If an upgrade is what you need, adding an external graphics processing unit is a great option to definitely consider.

The installation process for an external GPU to your Lenovo would have to be followed duly and accurately to make sure the eGPU functions just like it is supposed to. Adding an eGPU to your laptop provides a lot of benefits without causing any internal damages whatsoever.

Adding a GPU to your Lenovo laptop might not be possible, but there is a lot of graphics card that is compatible with the Lenovo laptop, all you really need to do is find other convenient ways to add the GPUs to your laptop without the need to disassemble or manipulate the internal part of your laptop.

An external graphics processing unit can still be a great addition to your Lenovo laptop, it will provide the best graphic performance for your laptop, especially when it comes to your gaming and rendering, there are a lot of Lenovo laptops with thunderbolt capacity, so that makes it easier to make an external GPU connection to your laptop.

With thunderbolt Lenovo laptops, all you need is an eGPU enclosure with a graphics card, thunderbolt cable, and all the connections that could be made to upgrade the graphics of your laptop.

Lenovo Graphic Cards

The Lenovo GeForce GT730 is a great fit for Lenovo brands like the Lenovo ThinkCentre, it has 2GB memory and dual DP ports, the graphics performance of this card is definitely top-notch and it is sure to provide your device with the best image processing and the best gaming as well.

The ThinkStation Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 has an 8GB memory, it has very great bandwidth and it offers Lenovo a lot of graphic power and it has a maximum power consumption of 160W. It has 2304 Nvidia CUDA cores, 288 Nvidia Tensor Cores, and 36 Nvidia RT cores

The Lenovo AMD Radeon 520 is another graphics card that delivers super performance, through the 40 GB per second memory bandwidth it has and it also has 2GB memory and power consumption of 30W, all of these features put together, will give the Lenovo laptop amazing performance.

The great thing about the entire Lenovo brand is that it has an unending list of graphics card you could use and the internal GPU is also very precise and Nvidia dedicated, this makes it a great option for gamers because it has a lot of GPUs that are known to be efficient in all the different Lenovo brands.

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