Can We Add A GPU To A Laptop

Can We Add A GPU To A Laptop?

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A GPU is the short form for graphics processing unit, it is used for rendering all images on the computer screen and it also paves the way for the processing of graphics for avid gamers. The GPU is known as a card that is plugged into the PCIe slot or the chip of a motherboard. The GPU is usually embedded in the motherboard of the laptop and it is responsible for the graphics and rendering portion of the system.

Can we add a GPU to a laptop? Adding an additional GPU to a laptop itself might not be quite possible because most laptops don’t have enough room on their motherboard for additional GPUs. Quite a number of laptops have their graphics processing unit permanently attached to the motherboard, but there are some computers with removable GPUs like desktop PCs and other computers.

There are some laptops known to have interchangeable processors, but they are also relatively hard to find. The reason why you may not be able to add a GPU to your laptop is that your laptop already has a processor that is strongly integrated into it; it has been deeply placed in the motherboard and the only way you can change the GPU is to remove the CPU.

There are few laptops that have two GPUs soldered onto the motherboard and it is part of the CPU and it is quite rare to be able to replace the chip unless you’re an expert in micro soldering.

An easier alternative to adding a GPU to your laptop would be opting for an external GPU; all you would need to do is attach the external dock and graphics card to your laptop through a single cable connector if you have one.

The fact is that adding a GPU to your laptop these days might be quite hard because most modern laptops have their GPU soldered into the motherboard; this means that it is quite permanent, so it would be really hard to change or swap the GPU. Additional GPUs might also not be applicable in cases where the laptop might have only a limited number of PCIe slots, thus making the addition of a GPU quite risky and cumbersome.

Adding A Graphics Card To Your Laptop

There are some computers that have motherboards with a number of PCIe slots and a six or eight pin connector for additional graphics card; this essentially means that there is enough room to have more than one graphics card and that could be a needed upgrade or change. But these kinds of laptops are known to be hard to find.

Installing an additional graphics card to your laptop would require a lot of research and quite possibly a long time ,it might be a short time if you’re lucky enough to find the right installation process online , but research is essential in figuring out the compatibility of the GPU you’re about to add to your laptop.

The motherboard will need to have a connector that is available, and then the graphics card or GPU of your choice will have to be able to fit in physically as well, a slim computer will not be able to take in a larger card.

The power supply has to have enough energy to support the additional GPU, this is absolutely necessary because without the appropriate amount of power, your computer will shut down unexpectedly or there might even be a few glitches.

The motherboard also has what is called the basic input/output system (BIOS), it has a BIOS chip that is built in, and what this means is that the BIOS has to accept the new GPU or the addition might end up being useless, in most cases, you may have to change the BIOS so that it would be able to accept the new card.

Cons Of Adding A GPU To Laptop

Disassembling the laptop to add a GPU might be problematic to the other hardware of your laptop in the long run. The additional GPU might not be identified by your laptop if it is done incorrectly

Integrated Graphics

As noted earlier, there are some computers or laptops that have a graphics processing unit that is built into the CPU, this makes it relatively harder to be able to put in an additional GPU. In this case, it is quite impossible and it would be better if you go for an external GPU or you could upgrade your gaming and rendering experience with the following suggestions below without needing an additional GPU.


Overclocking the GPU is simply a process where you increase the voltage and clock frequency of your GPU, thereby using the graphics card to the best limit possible. With an overclocked graphics card, you are sure to enjoy your gaming experience but you can’t exceed or go overboard with the limits or overclocking process, as there should be a healthy limit.

Cleaning the Laptop

There are various hardware components of your laptop that may be in serious and dire need of cleaning, the cooling components of the laptop should be cleaned and the dirt and dust should be wiped away every once in a while, which ensures optimal performance.

Update the drivers of your laptop’s GPU

You will need to follow quite a few steps to achieve this, depending on the operating system that is in use, follow the steps adherently and you’ll be halfway closer to a better gaming experience.

You could also install the latest version of DirectX; DirectX is a set of components in Windows that allows software like games to be able to work directly with your video and audio hardware.

Optimize the power settings and a long list of other solutions that would subsidize the need to add a GPU to your laptop.

There are a lot of other suggestions that will all work well together to provide you with the upgrade you’re looking for.

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