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Does windows 10 support eGPU?

One of the major things you need to consider before getting an eGPU is compatibility. Will the particular enclosure you are interested in buying be compatible with your operating system? it is important to ask this because there are already issues regarding enclosures not working well with some particular operating systems. Does windows 10 support […]

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Can you use Nvidia eGPU on Mac?

Nvidia is one of the best-known manufacturers or designers of graphics processing units for gaming and other professionals from different walks of life. They are known to also make the best eGPUs that are compatible with a lot of different eGPU enclosures and docks. Can you use Nvidia eGPU on Mac? While Nvidia eGPUs are great, […]

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Can I use an external graphics card on my laptop for gaming?

Playing video games is not just a form of entertainment, it is an escape. The experience of playing a game has to be immersive; it has to capture the user’s attention and make the scenes as “realistic” as possible. Most games that fall in this category require heavy graphics processing power. Can I use an […]