Best eGPU For Cyberpunk

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The best egpu for cyberpunk depends on the one which is the most compatible with your laptop, as well as the most functional. Many people, especially gamers, are highly interested in cyberpunk and an eGPU setup is what you need to make it even more interesting.

The best egpu for cyberpunk?

The best egpu for cyberpunk is the aorus RTX 3080 gaming box, it hinges on providing top-notch performance and it also has a lot of features that a lot of gamers would appreciate wholeheartedly.

Top 5 eGPU list?


The aorus RTX gaming box has a powerful gpu performance that no other eGPU or laptop has. It provides the ultimate speed and performance for gamers, creators and it even branches out to deep learning as well, which pretty much explains its versatility.

The thunderbolt3 connection is the latest of its kind and that provides the high-speed transmission interface you get from the eGPU to your laptop, this makes your game even faster and ultimately you get the best graphics possible.

It has features such as its powerful GeForce RTX 3080 which delivers incredible performance for games, creators and A.I. It also has what is called the waterforce all-in-one cooling system and it supports 3 USB 3.0 for peripheral and one ethernet port.

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Akitio node

There are so many amazing features to look out for when it comes to Akitio node, an Akitio node setup for cyberpunk is one of the best and the most used setups, there have been glowing reviews about using the dynamic duo together, and that only means it is a great choice.

It has the Thunderbolt 3 port for lightning fast transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps, this means that your frame rates will be better and your game will definitely not be found lagging or slowing down in any way at all.

The built-in power supply provides enough power for the Akitio Node itself, and the power is also set aside for the graphics cards, it is also very important to note that the spacious enclosure could be used with standard and large sized graphics cards.

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  Sonnet Breakaway Box

The sonnet breakaway box and the GTX1070 are a great combo for when you decide to set up an egpu for your cyberpunk, with it, you could definitely enjoy gaming performance and desktop-level video acceleration in your favorite graphics applications.

It also had a thunderbolt connection that will definitely give you the speed you need, with the right graphics card, you get to use cyberpunk at a high speed as well as the best graphics you could possibly get.

The sonnet let’s you have a much higher frame rate for great gameplay, the Breakaway Box is remarkable for enabling graphically intensive gaming on computers that would not otherwise be able to produce an acceptable gaming experience.

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HP omen accelerator

The omen accelerator is a great choice for turning your laptop into a gaming rig,  it absolutely provides great performance for your laptop in gaming situations such as the use of cyberpunk. It has a powerful GPU that will definitely boost your laptop’s gaming performance.

You could also use an external monitor with the HP omen for the best gaming performance or experience you could possibly have, it also has other features that will definitely improve the graphics of your gaming as much as it improves the speed.

The great thing  about the HP omen accelerator is that it is very efficient and you can count on it to deliver the most promising performance for your cyberpunk gaming, all you need is a thunderbolt 3 connection and you could start gaming away.

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Razer core  x chroma

The Razer core X Chroma is one of those external GPUs that let’s you choose the graphics card that you will put into the enclosure, there are certain graphics card like the AMD or Nvidia desktop graphics card that you might have to choose from.

The Core X Chroma comes with a 700W power supply, which makes it 50W more powerful than what was included with older Razer Core enclosures. It also provides the power usage of the GPU installed to 500W, which is incredibly useful.

It will definitely boost your cyberpunk graphics and gaming just through plugging the egpu to your laptop, this is where the thunderbolt 3 connection plays a vital role in ensuring you don’t break a sweat when making use of an eGPU for your gaming purposes.

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Choosing the best egpu for Cyberpunk

Picking the best egpu for cyberpunk will have to come down to the eGPU with the best power supply, the best graphics card and even making sure it has a thunderbolt3 port that your laptop is completely compatible with, you can’t just pick any egpu, it has to be one that will for sure merge in perfectly with your laptop.

The last thing you need for cyberpunk is an egpu that follows a more DIY route, in order to avoid any of the stress that comes with setting up a DIY egpu, you will have to choose the best thunderbolt 3 eGPU. The one thing you should also look out for is buying a graphics card that is great, the geforce RTX 3080 for instance, it is a great choice for cyberpunk as well.


All the eGPUs on the list in one way or the other have a lot of features that you could surely benefit from, the one thing they all have in common is that they are all potentially great with cyberpunk, you will get top tier gaming performance if you hook any of these eGPUs to your system or laptop.

The aorus RTX, the Akitio and the HP omen are all great egpus that you will definitely find useful once the setup has been successful, they all have great features, you just have to pick the eGPU that is the most compatible with your laptop.

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