Best eGPU For Crypto Mining

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Using an eGPU for crypt mining is essential because the cryptic mining itself will rely heavily on a GPU, hooking up an external GPU gives it the power supply it needs, allowing it to get its functionality through the power supply from the eGPU.

Best egpu for crypto mining?

The best egpu for crypto mining is the aorus RTX 2080,because  it has all the right features you will need when it comes to mining and getting the best has rates. When it comes to the best egpu for crypto mining , the aorus 2080 is among a long list of eGPUs that provide enough power to run your mining.

Top 5 eGPU list

Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080

With the Geforce 2080 graphics card, the Aorus RTX has the perfect features to keep your mining experience on a high level, It has a thunderbolt 3 connection which ensures high speed transfers and it also has a quiet and silent cooling system.

With this graphics card and eGPU, you get to have the best performance possible, with more cuda cores you get the best out of your gaming, design and all round efficiency when it comes to content creation.

It has high speed hash rates according to mining charts, this means that you get the best outcome from your mining experience just by making use of this egpu and at the end of the day, its functionality will show in your gain.

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HP OMEN Accelerator

The HP Omen accelerator is another great choice for crypto mining, it serves a great deal of purpose to laptops like the Hp omen 15, and users of this laptop could make use of the egpu for their crypto mining.

The enclosure gives you enough room to make use of the best graphics card, and the graphics card you choose potentially has an effect on the power you have when carrying out crypto mining tasks, so choosing the right graphics card is just as important.

The graphics card could be a full-length, dual slot GPU like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 580, both of which are highly functional. In the end this egpu will provide you with the speed, performance and power you need to successfully carry out your crypto mining.

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Razer Core X

The Razer core is an egpu that goes perfectly well with the Razer blade laptop, this is why it has made the list for one of the best eGPUs to make use of when it comes to crypto mining,  it will give you the perfect powerhouse you deserve for all the activities that come with crypto mining.

You’ll gain great hash rates and in turn, profits or income as well, the Razer blade itself is known to be one of the best laptops for crypto mining, so pairing the laptop and the Razer core X eGPU only means you’ll be in for the best performance.

The essential and massive 650W power supply powers the graphics card and then provides 100W power delivery to compatible laptops via USB-C, this enables your laptop to get all the help it needs to be able to handle your mining activities with the speed power it requires.

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Aorus RTX 3080 gaming box

The aorus 3080 is yet another great eGPU to go for if you intend on branching out into crypto mining, asides providing great gaming performance, this egpu could be transformed into the mining box powerhouse you desire.

It could potentially give you hash rates of about 101 MH/s, along with the best cooling temperature in order to avoid any form of overheating. Along with all of that, you also get to have your own power supply, so you don’t necessarily have to look for power elsewhere which is great for the full mining experience.

This egpu has all the right features, starting with a thunderbolt connection and other connectivity options, it also has a water force all-in-one cooling system which will greatly be of help when carrying out all your activities.

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Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box

The sonnet breakaway box is another eGPU that makes it possible for normal everyday people to be able to make profit from their mining experiences, it is equipped to be compatible with Mac, which is great for mac users.

There are a couple of other Sonnet eGPU enclosures now, but the best one is the Sonnet 650 because it has an even better power supply and supports charging the hooked up laptop or computer by supplying about 100W of power.

The Sonnet 650, in its own way, can take the cards that demand the most power like the Radeon VII, which is a high end card. You will need the best graphics card as well when plugging in your eGPU.

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Choosing an egpu for crypto mining

In choosing the best egpu for crypto mining, you need to consider the fact that your eGPU will be the one helping you gain all the profit you need, so at the end of the day you have to choose an egpu that is up to the task in terms of features.

You have to think about the power supply, this is a very essential part of the entire process, you want an egpu with enough power supply, you also need a great cooling system to help keep the temperatures down and running smoothly.


The eGPUs on the list are in one way or the other great choices for crypto mining, you have higher chances of getting the hash speed you need when you make use of the right external gpu.

At the end of the day, the aorus RTX 2080, the  HP omen accelerator, and the Razer core X all fit the bill of good eGPUs,  the aorus RTX 3080 and the sonnet box are also just as good and they provide all the power and performance you will possibly need.

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