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The best egpu for chromebook varies across the different models, there are some chromebooks without a thunderbolt 3 connection and then there are a couple that are lucky enough to have one, choosing the right egpu depends on the type of chromebook you have and your choice should be based solely on whether or not it can potentially connect to the external gpu of you want.

Best egpu for chromebook? The best egpu for chromebook is the sonnet eGPU breakaway box 750, this is because it has about six monitor displays for both windows and chrome operating system. This means that it caters to the needs of chromebook in one way or the other.

Top 5 eGPU List

Sonnet breakaway box 750

The sonnet breakaway box 750 includes two 8-pin (6+2 pin) auxiliary power connectors and a 750W power supply that is more than enough to power the graphics card and the performance of the chromebook.

It adds a high and professional  graphics performance to whatever task you intend to carry out, whether it is rendering, editing, 3D effects, animating or anything at all that could require a few editing..

The sonnet breakaway box is known for all its amazing features,  it has enough power to give your laptop the graphic intensity it deserves, whether that is in the form of editing or rendering, is completely up to you.

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HP Omen Accelerator

The HP omen accelerator is usually a good choice for the HP chromebook, it powers the chromebook to reach its full potential when it comes to graphics and high intensity tasks that may include the use of third party apps, especially editing apps.

The HP omen accelerator could easily boost the performance of your laptop, or it could even turn your laptop into a creative machine or a gaming beast, either ways, it serves a purpose for different kinds of users.

It has a lot of connectivity options, such as, Gigabit ethernet ,thunderbolt , USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.1 Type-A. They all have one or two roles to play in the performance boost of your chromebook.

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Aorus Gaming Box eGPU

This egpu falls under the Asus brand, not only does it pack excellent features but it also has a special proprietary connection which a lot of people might actually need for them to make a connection between the egpu and a chromebook.

It has an embedded Geforce GTX 1070 which enables graphics-intensive game and the  best VR experience as well, it has thunderbolt  3 plug and play feature which always the speed level for transfers to be even faster than usual.

The eGPU is also super easy to carry because of its portable size and it also supports quick charging of your laptop by providing the laptop with about 100W of power supply, as well as great video output.

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Asus XG Station Pro

This is a great eGPU from the Asus brand, it allows you to make use of the best graphics performance, you could easily render videos or even build or make use of deep learning applications. At the end of the day, it is there to provide you with the best performance possible.

It has a 330W internal power supply that delivers support for your graphics card and laptop/tablet, this allows your laptop to have all the power it will need to carry  out heavy or standard work loads as the case may be.

The design is considered stylish, sleek and all round impressive design. It is also super cool because of its 120mm exhaust fans, on the plus side, it is also super quiet and could perform at low temperatures

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Asus ROG XG Station 2

This egpu has up to 600W 80 Plus Gold certified power supply for up to 90% energy efficiency, this is sure to boost your entire system with enough power to run the best graphics gaming, the best video editing and rendering and other power intensive tasks.

It will provide your laptop with more than enough gaming performance that surpasses the performance of dedicated gaming laptops, it has a lot of features that will enhance the speed and performance of your laptop.

It also has a Thunderbolt 3 connection for 8 times faster data transfer and 4times the video bandwidth,this ensures maximum speed in all data transfer and activities, while supplying power to the laptop as well.

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Choosing The Best eGPU For Chromebook

The best egpu for chromebook will depend on a number of factors, not all chromebook laptops have the thunderbolt 3 luxury, hence it may be a bit harder to pair some chromebooks with the adequate eGPUs they deserve.

There are some chromebooks on the other hand that are lucky enough to have all the required egpu connections and they are compatible with a few eGPUs, in such cases, you’ll have to choose the best based on compatibility and also the best features as well.

Choosing the best egpu for chromebook will require you to key in a few factors such as the power supply the eGPU is coming along with, the graphics card it may or may not be compatible with and the entire performance enhancement level.


The top five eGPUs for chromebook will provide the various compatible chromebook laptops with what they need to enhance their gaming and rendering performance.The sonnet breakaway is one of the best eGPUs out there.

The HP omen accelerator is great for HP chromebooks, the aorus Gaming Box will provide the much needed gaming performance to any system that is hooked up to its external gpu and it will also boost the speed as well.

All the eGPUs listed are in one way or the other beneficial to one chromebook or the other, they all function according to their specs and features, they provide the best gaming and rendering experiences, and they are essential to the overall performance of your laptop and its internal gpu.

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