Best eGPU For Carbon x1

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An eGPU for carbon x1 or the ThinkPad x1 carbon serves the extra function of providing the laptop with all it needs. The carbon x1 is compatible with a number of external GPUs and that allows it to reach a high peak when it comes to performance.

Best egpu for carbon x1?

The best egpu for the carbon x1 is the legion boost station, the legion boost station egpu is a Lenovo product, this means it is more than enough to cater to the needs of the carbon x1, it has the right connectivity and even the same brand name serving as an umbrella to these two products.

Top 5 eGPU List

Legion BoostStation eGFX

The Legion BoostStation eGPU has a thunderbolt 3 port which connects multiple monitors or high-data devices through one single port, this is a huge advantage since the thunderbolt port ensures an easy and simple connection.

Asides the thunderbolt connection, the legion booststation also hones in other connectivity options such as two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, one USB 2.0 port, one thunderbolt 3 port and a RJ-45. All these ports come in handy for any devices you might want hooked up to the eGPU.

It provides the best performance for the carbon x1, with the right connection. Potentially, Making use of this egpu will boost your performance just like the name implies and with it you could reach the ultimate performance with your laptop or notebook.

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Aorus Gaming Box RX 580

With the RX 580 graphics card, the gaming box houses a lot of features that will draw in the best performance for your laptop, you could enjoy a full boost in the gaming performance and even in rendering and video editing performance as well.

It also comes with thunderbolt 3 which Is a plug-and-play feature that a lot of people could use without any stress. It is also easy to carry because of its portable size and it supports a quick charge of your laptop and provides power delivery as well.

It is a great eGPU for the carbon x1, it is super compatible and it could easily provide all the features you’re looking for once it has been plugged into your carbon x1. The boost in your graphics performance will be really visible and totally worth the money.

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Mantiz Venus

The mantiz Venus is super easy to use and quite easy to install as well, on top of all that ease is the amazing power supply it has, it has about 550W power to host and about100W specifically for power delivery.

The one thing you can count on with the mantiz Venus is the amazing boost in performance you’re going to get for your carbon x1, it provides you with the best functionality there could be when it comes to external GPUs, which is why it is one of the best for carbon x1.

The mantiz egpu is also making use of the most advanced and current thunderbolt 3 technology, this could only mean the best features are gotten because of this, for a thunderbolt device, this egpu is another great choice.

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Razer Core X

The Razer Core X also makes the list for egpus that go well with the carbon x1, this doesn’t come as a surprise since the Razer core X is an all round egpu that is compatible with the most high end laptops.

It has a lot of features to match the carbon x1,  and with the right qualities, it could take the carbon x1 to an even higher level , most importantly, you would also need the right graphics card to power house graphics performance.

The Razer Core X Thunderbolt 3 external desktop graphics enclosure gives you an absolute full transformation of your compatible laptop by turning it into a desktop-class gaming or workstation setup, which is exactly what you want an egpu to do.

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Razer X Chroma

The Razer X Chroma is a little step up from the Razer core X, whatever you’re getting from the Razer core X is guaranteed even more with the Razer X Chroma, it has a lot of upgraded features that you would absolutely love for your carbon X1.

Although you might encounter a few issues on the way in some cases, if you’re lucky, you get to enjoy the whole ride, free and void of any problems and hassle. The Razer X Chroma also has a thunderbolt connection and because of that it is a great option as well.

It also has a built-in power supply which includes a 700W ATX PSU with 100W laptop charging via Thunderbolt 3 and GPU max power support that is up to 500W. The power supply is an essential part of attaching an egpu to your laptop, and the Razer X Chroma has a standard power supply.

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Choosing an egpu for X1 carbon

There are a lot of things you will need to consider before choosing an egpu for you carbon x1. First off, you need to make sure that there is reasonable compatibility between the egpu you want to go for and the carbon X1. Compatibility is everything in the eGPU world and without it, you can’t get the performance boost you need.

One thing you may encounter even after choosing a compatible eGPU is the possibility of running into a few mishaps or error, but as long as the eGPU and graphics card in it are also compatible, you shouldn’t face any dire mishaps that can’t be fixed.


The  legion booststation, the gaming box, and the mantiz Venus are all great options that you could go for. They all have a lot go offer your laptop in terms of performance you could actually benefit from.

There are also other options which include the Razer core duo, the Razer core X or even the chroma could go either ways in helping you achieve all that you want through your carbon x1, all you need to do is pick the most suitable eGPU of your choice,  and you’re good to go.

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