Best eGPU for Capture One

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The best egpu for capture one basically enhances your image editing process hypothesis making it much easier for your laptop to handle, the processing of these images could also be done at a faster pace because of the egpu you’re using, all in all, you get great performance and graphics thanks to the external GPU.

Best egpu for capture one?

The sonnet EGFX breakaway box is potentially one of the best eGPUs to use for the capture one software, this is because it offers you the best acceleration when it comes to making use of graphics software like capture one.

Top 5 eGPU List

Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box

The sonnet eGFX breakaway box is a very versatile external gpu, it has a lot of features that fits the bill in terms of performance and overall acceleration. With its thunderbolt3 connection, you can easily get desktop level acceleration when making use of the best graphic applications.

The entire capture one process involves raw images, editing of images and even cataloguing, which is why you’ll need an egpu like the sonnet breakaway, it is great for rendering and image/video  editing, all you need is a thunderbolt compatible laptop and your capture one software.

The eGFX Breakaway Box is great when it comes to supporting special effects acceleration, animation, color grading, rendering and editing. The super fast 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 interface makes sure that the 2750MB / s PCIe bandwidth is dedicated to the installed card.

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Akitio Node

The Akitio nodes is hands on when it comes to its functionality with the capture one software, it utilizes all its features to make the workload super fast, efficient and relatively higher in performance and acceleration.

It is a great bet for your laptop when it comes to making use of capture one, it has Data Transfer rates of about 40 Gb/s, which means it doesn’t quite lack in the speed department, it has a thunderbolt 3 connection which is quite helpful if you intend on utilizing the plug and play benefit of an eGPU.

It has two thunderbolt 3 ports which are useful when it comes to power delivery to your laptop and even to your display port, its dedicated displayport is great in terms of additional monitors if you want to expand your workspace.

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OWC Mercury Helios

With the OWC mercury Helios, you can connect any card of your choice, whether it is a half-length, full-height, single- or double-width , you can connect the PCIe card to your system with a thunderbolt 3 port or connection.

users of mercury Helios can for sure expect the highest end performance they could possibly achieve with an external SSD through the Helios, it provides acceleration when it comes to editing and basically anything a creative wants to achieve.

The OWC mercury is so great that it allows you to achieve the kind of performance that is usually reserved for desktop workstations, you get to have a boost in performance along with an edge of professionalism.

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BlackMagic eGPU

The blackmagic egpu has been basically built to turn any Mac laptops into graphic powerhouses, as long as your mac has a thunderbolt connection, you can achieve this feat by simply plugging in the external GPU

The blackmagic egpu will definitely provide you with desktop-class graphics performance on your MacBook Pro, what this means is that you could definitely make used capture one and achieve the kind of image editing you could usually only get with a desktop.

It also has the radeon Pro 580 graphics processor, which is an incredibly great option when it comes to software editing programs like capture one, it will successfully boost the performance of your laptop when you’re trying to edit or process raw images.

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Mantiz Venus

The mantiz Venus has features like its built in 550W power supply which includes the 375 W for the GPU. It also supports GPUs up to and including Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti/TitanX/AMD Vega 56, this means you’ll have a wide variety of GPUs to choose from.

It also takes the plug and play approach which a lot of people are looking for these days, no one wants to worry about setting up an external gpu when they could just easily plug it into their thunderbolt port.

The performance of the Mantiz Venus is almost one the best, luckily for users, they’re not likely to fun into any issues that will stop them from utilizing the perks of this external gpu. It will provide you with the performance and speed you need to edit your images with capture one.

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Choosing An eGPU For Capture one

Choosing an egpu for capture one requires features such as great performance and also the data transfer rate, the last thing you need is an egpu that will lag behind when it comes to carrying out your editing work load, this is why it is really important to get an egpu whose features are unmatched and top of the line.

When making use of editing software such as capture one, you will need to match its own performance with an eGPU that is just as strong and just as functional, the last thing you need is Not egpu that cannot handle the capture one process adequately.


The best eGPUs to choose from including all the aforementioned eGPUs, they are all known to work great with the capture one software, and they could also easily boost the performance of your laptop when it comes to editing.

Making use of eGPUs like these allow creators to easily focus on the work at hand, they don’t have to worry about setting up their external GPU because all of the eGPUs mentioned have the necessary thunderbolt connection, they do however need to choose the right graphics card, whether that is in terms of size or compatibility, the right graphics card can make a world of difference.

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