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The best eGPUs for blender are the ones with the utmost ability to render your images, video editing or even animations,  the point of an external gpu is to serve as an external aid for your gaming and also rendering performance.

Best egpu for blender? The best egpu for blender is the Akitio node, this is because it is one of the best egpu for video editing, and it also has a graphics card that is more than capable of enhancing the reference performance of your system.

Top 5 eGPU list

Akitio node

Akitio node is equipped with 400W PSU, and it also has the adequate support for full-sized cards. It has a solid build and all the right features which enable it to be one of the best egpu for video and photo rendering.

Akitio is is  compatible with Mac, it is even known to be the first external graphics box that came with a Mac-compatible Thunderbolt 3 chipset, this makes it a definite choice when it comes to blender and It’s rendering services.

This egpu has Thunderbolt 3 for lightning fast transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps, so you can expect a speedy delivery in every image processing or video editing action you take, most importantly, it is compatible with Windows and thunderbolt Mac that runs MacOS High Sierra with AMD Cards.

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Sonnet eGPU Breakaway Puck RX 5550 XT/5700

The sonnet breakaway is a solid choice when it comes to animation and picture rendering , it has up to a 750 power supply and the power supply works greatly when it comes to powering acceleration to improve your system’s graphic processing.

When it comes to blender, the sonnet breakaway could be part of a buildup that aids the blender software in carrying out your editing tasks. Making use of an eGPU like sonnet breakaway will make blender engines like cycle work seamlessly once the eGPU is connected.

With a dedicated graphics card, sonnet eGFX breakaway box is able to handle graphic intensive applications in a way that is really impactful, it is also great for gaming and most importantly video.

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PowerColor Gaming Station

The powercolor gaming station along with a RX 5700 XT graphics card could be a good combo for blender, with it, you could get the speed you need to render a scene and you could hold on to that speed rate consecutively.

The powercolor gaming station with the right graphics card will help your rendering time to be as fast as possible and you could render an image in the briefest time period if you’re really lucky.

It has a Pci Express of 16 slots that supports high performance graphics cards, this enables it to have the high performance. It is important to note that the enclosure and the AMD card work hand in hand to provide the rendering speed and the RX 5700 XT is very important in this process.

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Sapphire gearbox

The sapphire gear box with a  pulse RX 580 could go well together and since the Radeon name has been fully incorporated into the amd Radeon Pro render for blender, it is sure to have an impact on your rendering in one way or the other.

Radeon is known to be fast and easy to use, pair it up with the sapphire gearbox and you undoubtedly have yourself an external gpu to carry out blender rendering tasks with on your windows.

It has a simple plug and play feature, you don’t have to carry out any strenuous set up processes, and once you plug it in, you’ll be able to immediately get the necessary upgrades for your Laptop and Pc graphic performance .

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The sapphire nitro RX580 graphics card is another option for blender, this  is known to work particularly well with blender rendering and you could render an image or animation as quickly as possible.

Sapphire products are based on amd graphics processing unit and because of that, your blender app should be in safe hands. The sapphire nitro is relatively good when it comes to video, image and animation rendering.

It provides fast response and it will give you the best performance along with  a premium VR experience. It also has a great cooling fan that keeps the temperature low, so you don’t have to worry about overheating while carrying out your tasks.

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Choosing The Best egpu For Blender

Blender is an so that deals with turning a 3d scene into a 2d image, inevitably that means you need the best egpu to help carry the process along, choosing the best one could be surprisingly hard especially when there’s a lot of incompatibility issues to worry about.

When choosing the best egpu, you have to be certain about its compatibility with your windows or mac, you don’t want a situation where you’re getting ready to render with blender and your eGPU is plugged in, but it cannot be detected, making sure if it is compatible is one way to avoid issues like that before even making a purchase.

Whether it is the Akitio node or the sonnet breakaway or even the powercolor box, it is best to ascertain the likelihood of rendering as smoothly as possible with these external GPUs connected to your system.


The best egpu for blender could be either of the aforementioned egpu’s above, with the right graphics cards and eGPU enclosures, your rendering could be done as quickly as you want and with the right egpu that supports graphic apps such as blender, the entire process should run as smoothly as possible.

External GPUs are there to take the load off your system or PC by providing it with an external means of graphics processing, making your images and video editing much easier to carry out, it also allows the rendering speed to be retained when it comes to the swift timing and accuracy you could use to render one scene.

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