Best egpu For Asus laptop

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The best egpu for Asus laptop could be determined by a number of factors, in order to decide which egpu is the best for your Asus laptop, you will have to consider a lot of features and how compatible it is with your laptop.

best egpu for Asus laptop? The best egpu for Asus laptop is the Asus ROG XG station 2 because its internal power supply provides up to 500W to a high-performance graphics card and up to 100W to your notebook or personal computer,it also enhances the performance of your device, making it a gaming powerhouse.

Top 5 eGPU List

Asus ROG XG Station 2

The Asus XG station 2 is known for its aesthetics and it is also known to be great when it comes to versatility for Asus laptops, with the addition of a graphics card, the rog station will provide you with the absolute best rendering, multiple monitors and accelerated video production.

The graphics card is easy to insert and you can connect it to your thunderbolt 3 notebook or personal computer without any hassles at all,  on an even greater note, you would definitely get the speed you need for your gaming and rendering needs.

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The ASUS XG-Station-PRO is an Asus eGPU, it has a sleek enclosure and it is known to support Nvidia GTX GPUs and even AMD Radeon cards, it is a stylish dock that will connect your thunderbolt 3 laptop to a desktop graphics card, providing all the speed you need.

With the acquisition of the XG station pro and a graphics card that has high performance , you’re sure to render videos and even carry out almost any task with high performance and effectiveness, it also has a 330W internal power supply that delivers support for your graphics card and laptop/tablet.

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Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box

This egpu encompasses all you will need to get your egpu journey on the road, as long as your Asus laptop has a thunderbolt 3 connection, everything is set and you’re good to go. The one thing you will have to look out for is the price.

Fortunately, the egpu has an installed RTX 2070, and this unfortunately adds to its high price tag, but it is one of the best egpus and it also has a lot of features that have proven to be efficient. The great thing about it is that everything you need could be found in this one egpu.

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Akitio Node

The Akitio Node will work with your Asus laptop if it has a thunderbolt 3 connection, the Akitio node also has a power port which is about it, since it doesn’t have many ports. It isn’t an extravagant eGPU,but it gets the work done.

The node is more likely to have a cheaper price because of its minimal style and design, but it is still more expensive than a lot of other eGPUs. The power supply is also upgrade able, this increases its ability to cater to the needs of PCIe cards that may need more power.

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Razer Core X

The Razer core X  is an external gpu that supports nearly all personal computers and even mac, it will turn your Asus into a gaming and rendering machine through its external Nvidia GeForce, Nvidia Quadro, or AMD Radeon graphics.

It also has a great 650W power supply that lowers the graphics card and provides 100W power delivery to compatible laptops via the USB-C port. It has an ultimate external graphics solution that provides the best aesthetic and features to your computer.

When it is connected to compatible laptops, the Razer core rests on its plug and play feature, so there’s no need for you to restart your computer whenever you connect an external graphics card. Razer Core X allows you easily upgrade your graphics card, which let’s you give your laptop the boost it needs.

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Choosing the best egpu for Asus laptop

Choosing the best egpu for your Asus laptop comes with a few cons and so many pros. One thing to look out for when choosing the best egpu is the price tag, the Asus rog XG station  matches its big size with an even bigger price to go along with it, so if you’re looking for an eGPU that is within a smaller range when it comes to size and price, it might not be for you.

When choosing the best egpu for your Asus laptop, you might want to make sure that your Asus model is definitely compatible with the egpu, most of the egpus on this list require a thunderbolt 4 connection and a windows operating system, two things that an Asus laptop should have.

When you make use of the best external GPUs, you should prepare yourself for the fact that you might have to get your own external graphics card to insert into the enclosure. Not all egpus come with their own graphics card.


The best egpus for Asus laptops aren’t limited to just this list, there are a number of egpus out there that will suit your Asus perfectly. One solid reason why the Asus ROG XG Station 2 and the ASUS XG-Station-PRO are top of the list is because they are highly efficient and powerful.

The Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box provides you with an upper level performance for all your gaming needs, it turns your laptop into a gaming machine, which means it is serving the purpose which it was created for and it also has a sleek enclosure that makes it more worthwhile.

The Akitio node and Razer core X, balance out the list by providing a wife range of features that Asus laptops could also benefit from. There are so many reasons why the egpus listed above are the best for Asus laptops, which is why the features speak for themselves.

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