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The best egpu for amd laptops do not necessarily work over thunderbolt 3 ports, this is attributed to the fact that most amd laptops are known not to even have thunderbolt 3 connections, hence the lack of eGPU options. Opposite is the case for other laptops with thunderbolt connections, as they have an unlimited list when it comes to egpu options.

Best egpu for amd laptop ? The best egpu for amd laptop would have to be the ROG XG Mobile, this is because it is known as the sidekick of the ASUS ROG FLOW X13, which is an amd laptop. The external gpu comes along with the laptop, so it’s functionality and performance is definitely up to par.

Top 5 eGPU list

ROG XG Mobile

The ROG XG mobile egpu comes along with the Asus rog flow, and the laptop itself is known for its need to achieve gaming perfection, it’s almost a no-brainer that the glow x13 decided to release a dock that houses an external graphics card.

The XG Mobile has 4 USB 3.2 ports, an RJ-45 for networking as well as HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. The performance created by this gaming laptop and eGPU duo is unmatched and the connection doesn’t reduce the performance in any way.

It is however important to note that the external gpu for the glow x13 laptop comes along with the laptop and also works greatly alongside it,  if by any chance you decide to get the egpu separately, you might be looking at an expensive cost. On a general note, getting the combo together is more feasible.

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Lenovo Boost Station

The lenovo boost station is known to be lenovo’s first eGPU enclosure with a gaming laptop that works alongside, and this egpu is known to work with the Lenovo ThinkPad X13, which is also an amd laptop.

The great combination however, is between the lenovo boost station and a newer laptop known as the Legion Y740S, it is regarded as the thinnest and lightest gaming laptop within the lenovo brand and it is a perfect fit for the lenovo boost station.

Around the back of the lenovo boost station eGPU enclosure, you’ll find a selection of USB ports and an Ethernet jack, it also has a  Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 with 6GB GGDR6 graphics memory. The great thing about it is that it is super fast and easy to connect.

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HP Omen Accelerator

The HP Omen is a great eGPU that is perfect for gamers with the absolute need for high performance gaming, the HP omen will power your amd laptop by accelerating your graphics, all thanks to its docks that was built specifically for gamers.

It also comes in handy in cases where there’s lagging of some sort, it will help in reducing the lagging by prioritizing network traffic, giving your game a boost. This is an essential feature for avid gamers.

It is notably compatible with the HP Envy x360, which is an amd laptop. The enclosure has Thunderbolt 3-certified USB-C connectivity and it also delivers gaming power and charges your USB-C laptop from just one port.

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Alienware Graphics Amplifier

The alienware graphics amplifier works over a proprietary connection as opposed to a thunderbolt 3 connection, it is the only eGPU option from a major brand to use the older USB 3.0 standard, which means it is compatible with amd.

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier connects to your notebook  or laptop with a single cable enabling the PCI-Express graphics card connection as well as your four USB 3.0 ports to be connected with ease and simplicity.

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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming

This is a great PCIe Video Graphics Card, users are definitely set to enjoy their gaming experience along with the ultra HD resolution it provides, it also automatically detects any connected monitors and can handle multi-display gaming of up to four monitors at once.

It has a system power supply requirement of 550Watts, and it also  comes with One 6-Pin and One 8-pin external power connectors. It has 3 Display Ports, a 4GB Graphics Card Ram Size and a windforce 3X cooling system, among other things.

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Choosing the best egpu for amd laptop

The main to expect with choosing the best egpu for amd laptop would be the seemingly lack of choices, most amd laptops are known to not have thunderbolt 3 ports and most eGPUs these days require thunderbolt connections.

Choosing the best egpu for your amd laptop requires a lot of research on the compatibility between the external gpu and your laptop, if they aren’t compatible, then there’s no way you’ll achieve the gaming performance you require.

A proprietary connection is one way to go in case your amd laptop has no thunderbolt 3 port, but if it does, you’re better suited for a thunderbolt 3 egpu and that makes connectivity even easier and straightforward.

Depending on what your laptop has or what features it possess, all in all, you’re going to need your eGPU, laptop, display monitor, thunderbolt 3 connection and cable (if your laptop has a thunderbolt 3 port) , a video graphics card and a power supply.


The top three egpu’s for amd laptops are the: ROG XG Mobile, the Lenovo Boost Station and the HP Omen Accelerator. They are all fully equipped to handle amd laptops and they have been powered by top brands or names in the tech industry, so trusting these devices to deliver isn’t a problem, as long as you have the right amd laptop to pair it with.

The other eGPUs are notably compatible with amd laptops as well, and they are known to give you the much needed increase in performance for your gaming and video rendering needs.

Whatever the choice may be for your amd laptop, it is important to check out with egpu would work flawlessly and perfectly with your laptop, you want to avoid the worst case scenario where you choose an egpu that can’t be paired with your amd laptop.

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