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The best egpu for ai depends on what you’re aiming to achieve or at least what your interest is. Having an egpu is one of the first things to consider for ai , purchasing an external gpu and connecting it to your laptop or notebook will definitely lessen the heavy workload you have and it will absolutely save your system from any damages.

Best egpu for ai ? The best egpu for AI is the RTX 2080 egpu, it can be connected with a thunderbolt 3 connection and  it will also provide a lot of benefits to your system, benefits like speed and performance. Because of this egpu, AI developers and data scientists can achieve results easier and faster.

Top 5 eGPU list

RTX 2080Ti eGPU

This egpu is on the top of the list because of the specific benefits users stand to gain from using it, it delivers incredible performance for games, creators and A.I. This makes it a top contender for people who need an eGPU for ai.

The RTX 2080 is known to have carved a niche for itself in the deep learning department, it has been built with particular attention to its AI feature, and all of this is possible because of its graphics card with 11G memory and 616 GB/s memory bandwidth.

It also has 4352 CUDA  Cores and hundreds of Tensor cores operating hand in hand to provide the ultimate performance, with it you could have power of GPU-accelerated artificial intelligence and machine learning to your laptop.

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Akitio Node

There are so many advantages to using the Akitio node eGPU, whether it is to upgrade your laptop’s gaming performance or video editing or even for machine learning purposes. The Akitio node titan is very essential and helpful through all the features it provides.

With this egpu, ai enthusiasts will have the best machine learning experience from their laptop and with the added benefit brought to their laptop by the external gpu connected to it through an easy plug and play thunderbolt connection.

Akitio’s Node Titan packs in a 650w power supply, which is good for high-consumption graphics cards, and the fact that you don’t have to spend that much money to purchase it makes it all the more worthwhile, the cost doesn’t add up with the excellent performance it provides, and that’s a huge bonus for people interested in it.

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Aorus 3080 Gaming Box

One of the many features the aorus 3080 gaming box provides is not excellent feature for AI and computing, with just the right memory and bandwidth, it is able to provide the performance needed for AI.

It provides a lot of power through the geforce gpu, providing the best AI scores and even machine learning to your laptop. The one thing you can count on with this egpu is the multifaceted nature it has, all the while, not compromising the specific niche it has with its AI purposes.

With the use of the aorus 3080 gaming box, people interested in developing their AI fields could do so easily, the gigabyte brand in a whole has provided an avenue through this egpu that makes AI developers get what they want with ease.

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Razer Core X

With the Razer core X eGPU,  you could easily turn your old laptop into a machine learning power house, all you need is a laptop with a thunderbolt connection and the ability to connect a graphics card.

Getting an upper mid-grade current generation Machine Learning desktop is something that is going to cost a lot of money, especially for people that are more in tune with AI on a lower spectrum.

The eGPU option like Razer core offers the kind of performance they need to add to a laptop or PC without the need to get a new one in a whole, so eGPU is basically one of the solutions kept aside for people in that sort of dilemma.

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Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box

With a thunderbolt 3 connection, you could get a speed of up to 40Gbps, delivering the fastest connection to any dock, any display or data device. This essentially means higher performance in all fields  is possible and ensured.

GIGABYTE’s AI Mode allows for the selection between the Performance Mode, Balance Mode and Battery Saving Mode. AI has become such a huge part of technology and having gigabyte to aid this feat is one of the most underrated advantages AI developers have.

AI allows your device to have a lot of added benefits that most other laptops don’t necessarily have, with gigabyte, you get to use all this abilities to the maximum limit because of its AI support.

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Choosing the best egpu for ai

When choosing the best egpu for ai, you’re more likely that ever to run into some difficulties. Some eGPUs are set to be approved for ai, but in rare cases where they don’t swiftly work the way you expected, you will have to subject yourself to a lot of testing and failing, till you get your desired result.

When choosing the best egpu for ai, you will have to look out for similar scenarios in which the same hardware you’re going to use was used. Follow the steps used, follow all the necessary suggestions, and make sure to have everything in order for the eGPU connection as well.


The RTX 2080 , the Akitio node and the aorus eGPUs are all very essential if you intend to partake in one form of AI or the other.  Machine learning is very essential in this day and age, and with the right hardware, you’re definitely going to get the best results.

Picking the right eGPU depends on the most favourable eGPU you find to be more suited for your laptop connection and the one that delivers the best performance and will also give you top notch ai scores.

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