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ASUS XG Station Pro Review

Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by paularo

The ASUS XG station pro is one of the most affordable eGPU available at the moment. the external graphic enclosure is a worthy competitor when paired with the popular Razer Core X or Core X Chroma.

It is an upgrade to the original ASUS ROG XG Station 2 and some issues like overheating and loudness were addressed with the upgrade. There were some design refinements that we are going to tell you about in this review as well.

The enclosure haw what it takes to transform your laptop into a powerhouse and it can be an option if you don’t want to spend too much on an external enclosure. you are going to find out here if you should spend your money on the enclosure.

In this comprehensive review, we will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate the ASUS XG Station Pro as the best eGPU for you. read on for its key features as well as pointers for selecting the best eGPU for your Laptop.

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Why you need the ASUS XG Station Pro for your laptop

Using a laptop without a GPU is a difficult task especially when you are into gaming or content creation like photo or video editing. A laptop that doesn’t have a GPU is only suitable for doing basic task and playing 3D games. It is not fast enough and if you start running intensive games and software’s on a laptop without GPU it will always crash.

If you care about speed then you won’t go after a laptop without a GPU. These types of laptops are only suitable for commercial and office works. Sometimes people often buy laptops with high end specs and after a number of years the parts become outdated and worn out.

That’s where the Razer Core V2 comes in and it can help boost the performance of your old laptop. if your laptop has a thunderbolt 3 port then an external graphics enclosure can be used to increase the performce of your laptop. it will allow new and updated games run smoothly on your old laptop. the eGPU technology is still in its early stages and it already works fine with most laptops.

Most people like the comfort of moving their laptops around and with an eGPU you can plugin and run your task. You can unplug your laptop when you are done and move it where ever you want to. You need the Razer Core V2 because it will power your laptop if you pair it with a very strong GPU.

Selecting the Best eGPU for your laptop

ASUS partnered with In Win to build the ASUS XG Station Pro and it has more of a professional look. The panels are made out of anodized aluminum while the body is made out of metal. We have a minimal branding on the right side of the panel and the logo is at the front of the enclosure.

The chassis is light and it feels good to touch. In terms of ports we have two USB C at the back and a separate Thunderbolt 3 port at the back. we also have a USB 3.1 gen 2 at the back, the power plug and power button are also located at the back. to open the enclosure all you need to do is to unlock the latch at the top back and you don’t need any tool to do so.

After unlocking the top panel will slide backward and out. Once the top panel is off the two panels will slide upward and off the enclosure cage. We have some vents that allows airflow in and out of the eGPU.

There is a mesh on the side panels that prevents dust from building up on the GPU fan. you can also decide to run the enclosure without the side panel incase you want to show off the graphics card.

The design is simple and straight to the point making the enclosure light when compared to other eGPU within the same price bracket. We have an eGPU that is not loud when in use thanks to the external AC power adapter that keeps the thermal and noise level in check.

It supports 330W power and it should power a GPU that supports 300W of power comfortably. In this aspect we have the Core X that offer almost 500W of power and the price is similar. It is compatible with a number of GPUs that include the AMD Radeon RX 580 and RX 570.

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Here are 6 key points for selecting the ASUS XG Station Pro for your laptop

Compact Build

The external enclosure has a combination of metal and aluminum and this makes it sturdy. The chassis is lightweight and its all thanks to the design. It is one of the lightest external enclosures out there and the vents have a mesh that protects dust from settle on the fans.  

Cross Platform

The enclosure works well on both Windows and macOS High Sierra. Some external GPUs don’t work with Mac while others don’t work with Windows laptops. this makes the ASUS XG Station Pro a worthy competitor because of its compatibility with Mac and Windows laptops.

RGB Lights

We have a minimal RGB light on the left side of the enclosure and it helps set the tune while gaming or working. A lot of people like RGB lights because it lights up the mood while gaming or working.

Works with a number of GPUs

The ASUS XG Station Pro works with a number of other graphic cards. We have cards like the popular RTX 2080 and the GTX 900 working inside the ASUS XG Station Pro. the ability to swap out card is important because this allows you increase the performance ability of your laptop.

Compatible with different laptops

The external enclosure works with different brands of laptops. it doesn’t matter if your laptop is DELL or Razer, the most important thing is making sure that your laptop has a thunderbolt 3 port. only laptops that have a thunderbolt 3 port will be able to work with the enclosure.

Consistent Performance

The level of performance you will get with the ASUS XG Station Pro will be consistent whether you are using it on a windows laptop or a MacBook. The enclosure has the much-needed ports and vents that lets it cool down while working.

A closer look at the ASUS XG Station Pro

ASUS paid attention to performance when designing the XG Station Pro they used a minimal 15W power delivery to the thunderbolt 3 host. The bulky 300W of power output goes to the graphics card. you cannot charge your laptop with the enclosure as it doesn’t support power delivery.

This allows the eGPU to house powerful graphic cards. It can work with a number of selected graphics processor and they include the RTX 2080 without any issues. The engineering on the XG station Pro is superb and even when you want to use power hungry graphics cards the enclosure draws additional power from the 330W AC power adapters.

The fans inside the enclosure were provided by InWin and they are non-LED versions of InWins porlaris 120mm lineup. the fan here is very silent when compared to other external graphics enclosures and they produce 0dB sound when they are idle.

The PCle cable the enclosure comes with is sleeved and it feels premium. We have a thunderbolt 3 cable added inside the box its lengthy enough at 1.5m. all the components inside the ASUS XG Station Pro are easily accessible. We have a daughter board for the power plug and play button.

The two 8-pin PCle power headers sit side by side in the front third of the mainboard. We have a two 4 pin PWM fan headers for the cooling fans sitting close. There are ten LED diodes that run the entire length of the right edge of the enclosure. We have six additional LED diodes that are hidden at the back of the enclosure.

About ASUS XG Station Pro manufacturers

ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational computer, phone hardware, and electronics company with their headquarters in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. They produce desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, networking equipment’s, monitors, Wi-Fi routers, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards and a lot of other equipment.

The company Is the worlds 5th largest PC vendor by unit sales and it is among the top 10 IT companies in Asia. The brand has successfully built a reputation across the world when it comes to delivering various top performing laptops, monitors and graphics card. 

It was founded in 1989 by two former Acer employees. They work closely with Intel to build various products like mother boards and GPUs.

ASUS XG Station Pro Product Specifications and Features

  • Dimension –14.76 x 8.07 x 4.21 inches
  • Weight – 2.29 kg
  • Operating System – Windows 10, macOS
  • Power Delivery – 15W
  • Color Options – Black
  • Input & Output – Thunderbolt 3 Via type C                                                                               
  • Internal Power Supply – 330W
  • GPU max power support – 300W
  • GPU type – single double-wide, full length, PCle-Express X16

Description of ASUS XG Station Pro

Access to portability and supreme graphics power as your laptop turns into a professional workstation with the ASUS XG workstation Pro external graphics card dock via thunderbolt3. The ASUS XG Workstation Pro has a superior cooling with 120mm exhaust fans and reduces noise output to zero decibels during light loads.

It is a sleek-looking external dock that connects to your ultra-book or thunderbolt 3 equipped notebook computer to a desktop graphics card. with the XG Station Pro and a high-performance GPU you can render videos, run scientific models, or build deep learning applications.

Pros of the ASUS XG Station Pro

Awesome Build Quality – the build quality of the ASUS XG Station Pro is one of the most important things about the enclosure. It is very compact and solid and It has a combination of aluminum and metal. The enclosure is lightweight and can be easily carried around when compared to other enclosures out there.

Affordable Price – the price of the eGPU is relatively low when compared to others out there. It is one of the most popular external enclosures in the eGPU community. There are a lot of positive reviews on the eGPU. For $330 you are going to get an amazing value for money if you decide to buy the ASUS XG Station Pro.

Great Performance – the performance you will get with the ASUS XG Station Pro is very decent and it is going to be consistent. It supports a wide range of powerful GPUs and you can swap them incase you want better performance. You can use the eGPU for gaming and rendering but performance is heavily dependent on the GPU.

Works on Windows and MacOS – the external enclosure works well on the major operating system even though apple has a habit of selecting eGPUs. It can be used on any MacOS laptop hat runs on high sierra or even higher.

Support for a wide range ASUS of GPUs. – the enclosure works with a wide range of graphics card and if you want better performance you have to get a better graphics card.

Cons of the ASUS XG Station Pro

Lacks Power Delivery – the enclosure does not support power delivery and there are some enclosures like the Razer Core X within the same price that has power delivery. I personally feel that ASUS made some compromises on the XG station Pro and it includes power delivery. The 330W support is also small as some power-hungry GPU might not work well inside the enclosure.

RGB lights can’t be turned off – the lights on the enclosure cannot be turned off and that might be a problem to some users.


DoesASUS XG Station Pro come with a graphics inside?

No, it doesn’t come with a graphics card inside after buying the external enclosure you have to buy the graphics card separately.

Does ASUS XG Station Pro work with any Laptop?

Yes, it works well with any laptop regardless of the brand but the most important thing is that your laptop needs a thunderbolt 3 port. The thunderbolt 3 connection is the only method that works with the eGPU.

Does ASUS XG Station Pro work with RTX 2080?

Yes, it works fine with the RTX 2080 and I am very sure it will work well with other GPUs out there you can go through eGPU communities to find other suitable graphics cards.

Rounding Up

The XG Station Pro is rebound from the original XG station two that had issues with over heating and loudness. Cooling and less noise is one of the main priority of the XG Station Pro and it means ASUS are listening to their customers. The enclosure looks clean and its easy to use it is no doubt one of the best cheap external enclosure available right now.

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