Are external GPU worth it

Are external GPU worth it?

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External GPU has been around for some time now but the technology hasn’t really gone viral. Until now the external video card for laptops and MacBook is still a niche product. One important question people that want to buy eGPU ask is whether buying an external GPU is worth it. By now you should know that an external GPU works outside of a laptop to help boost performance. An eGPU will help render games and graphics demanding software better on your laptop. Well, let’s get to find out if spending your money on an enclosure and video cards worth it.

Are external GPU worth it? Yes, using an eGPU is worth it. They do a very good job when it comes to enhancing the performance of your laptop. If your laptop is having issues running games and some software’s then buying an eGPU is worth it. An eGPU handles its basic job well and the only problem is that sometimes it appears to be costly for most people.

eGPUs shine the light on most laptops that can’t accept regular graphics cards. after some time, the specs of an old laptop can become irrelevant and you can’t swap an internal graphics card. the eGPU can step in and provide you with the much-needed speed and enhancement that will allow your laptop to run the latest version of the software.

You need a laptop with a thunderbolt 3 port to be able to milk out all the power of an external GPU to your system. if you are interested in buying an eGPU you need to balance the idea of buying new hardware. Some people might rather buy a desktop and swap out the video cards at intervals which is fair. It is also very important to buy an eGPU that works well with the operating system of your laptop.

What Does an eGPU look Like

An eGPU comprises an enclosure and the graphics card is been inserted inside the eGPU. The enclosure normally comes with all the necessary ports that will be used to connect the enclosure to a system. Some enclosures manufacture even add the necessary cables and power cord needed to connect the enclosure to your system.

It doesn’t come with a graphics card you will have to buy that separately if you are into DIY. Building an eGPU is easy you only need to know the configuration that your laptop requires. It is important to pay attention to the number of watts your laptop can withstand.

There are some brands that pay attention to building complete eGPUs that’s if you don’t want to build yourself. Brands like Razer, Akitio, and sonnet have some of the best eGPUs in the market and their price ranges between $300 up to $400 like the Razer Core X eGPU.

The higher the configuration of the external GPU the more money you will have to pay. The market is still relatively new and there are some emerging brands that have started building these enclosures and complete eGPUs with time there will be a significant price change. Depending on the type you go for some are noisy while others work silently.

If you buy an empty enclosure they will provide you with a list of GPUs that are compatible with the enclosure. In case you want to swap the video card later buying an empty enclosure I the best option. Some enclosures will even come with empty spaces for more GPUs. the enclosure is more of a box that houses your graphics card.

The price of an empty enclosure is between $250 to $300 dollars. Building a completely new eGPU can be challenging unless you really want something like that. Like I said earlier the eGPU is still more of a niche product.

Who is an eGPU made for?

The external enclosure is made for anyone that wants to maximize the output of their laptop. right now, the eGPU market is not really popular so only tech enthusiasts take advantage of the technology.

Most people that are yet to hear about eGPUs will rather buy a new desktop computer than trusting a tiny powerhouse that can boost the performance of their laptop. however, the technology is not made for a certain individual anybody that feels like he can get an eGPU is free to buy one.

With an eGPU you can mix and match graphics cards for your system however, you can’t move it from one place to another because of size. If you want high-resolution gaming and better video editing for your laptop then an eGPU is for you. you can also use it to connect multiple monitors and still maintain high resolution.

There are many advantages to owning an eGPU especially if you are a creative who depends on his or her laptop for everything.

Though you do get reports from users every now and then about the external GPU not giving out maximum performance sometimes when it comes to running certain software on your laptop. we can relate that to the fact that this technology is still new and will only get better with time.

Related Questions

Why are eGPUs expensive?

Right now, the eGPU market is not flooded with external graphics unit and Intel holds the right for licensing and royalties of the Thunderbolt 3. It is easy to understand why they are expensive this is because the parts needed to build an eGPU is scarce only limited numbers are made by the manufacturers.

The eGPUs are marketed mostly for apple MacBook’s and we all know that apple censored products are expensive. The power supply inside the enclosures costs roughly between $30 to $40 and there needs to be a quality fan inside for cooling. Another important factor is that right now the people who are ready to buy these eGPUs are ready to pay the price.

Does eGPU reduce heat?

Every eGPU has a cooling mechanism they all come with vents that lets air out as well as fans to help cool them down while in use. Some enclosures even let you swap out the fans and insert the once that are faster. They can be noisy most of the time when in use.

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