Are eGPU good

Are eGPU good?

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When it comes to doing the job of upgrading the performance of a laptop an eGPU is up to the task especially when you couple it with the right video card. if your laptop is struggling to run the latest games and software’s an external video graphics card is what you need if you insist on gaming with your laptop.

Are eGPU good? eGPUs are good because they handle the basic tasks like increasing the performance of your laptop which means now you can buy a slim business laptop and use an eGPU to boosts its gaming and graphical performance. Buying an external graphics processing unit is completely worth it if you feel that is what you need to improve the performance of your system.

The internals of your laptop like the video graphics card cannot be upgraded and with time it becomes difficult to run some latest games. Some people like keeping their old laptops especially because of the amount of data they have inside. Moving things inside a new laptop can be a bit stressful. An eGPU can serve as a means where you save all your data without worrying about losing them.

One thing you need to know is that before buying an external graphics card for your system it is good to make extensive research about it. Right now, not all eGPUs are compatible with various computer operating systems. MacBook’s don’t work with NVIDIA-based external graphics cards they only work well with AMD and Intel for now.

It is also important to check out if the laptop you wish to pair with an external graphics processing unit has a thunderbolt 3 port. the thunderbolt 3 port is currently the fastest and easiest way to get the eGPU performing at the maximum.

What is the Best eGPU

After comparing a lot of external graphics processing units, we found out that the best one so far is the Razer Core X Chroma. It is one of the most popular eGPU out there right now and it is ranked high on the special eGPU platform.

The Razer Core X Chroma has a beefy 700 watts PSU that will handle top-end graphics cards. It also has USB A and ethernet ports. You can plug in your laptop to the eGPU and one cable can charge your laptop. there is a small add-in card placed in a PCle x1 slot above the graphics card. The add-in card can be removed and replaced with whatever you want. This allows you to add any PCle device to your laptop something that was impossible before.

We have exhaust ports on both sides of the external GPU as well as the rear so ventilation is really great. there is a power switch on the eGPU and it gives an awesome tactile feedback that lets you know if its on or off. Opening up the enclosure is quite easy when you pull a handle at the back it easily slides out.

The enclosure is made out of metal and plastic and Razer did a great job with the build here. It is a very durable and compact eGPU that lacks any squeaks or gaps inside. No external power brick is needed to connect this device.

One thing you need to know is that the eGPU can be a little bit noisy but you can replace the existing fan inside the case. this way you can improve airflow and reduce noise level. It weighs 7.00kg and it is quite heavy hence why it is not a portable eGPu.

The starting price of the device is $400 and it can go as high as $554 depending on the configurations you go for. It is hard to justify the price tag because some people will rather get a desktop with that amount.

Can an eGPU Run Games

People who want to use their laptops for gaming normally by eGPU so that they can get the best performance on their laptop. it can be used to run high graphic demanding software’s on a laptop and the performance drop is very minimal.

When gaming with a laptop there are noticeable performance lags when compared to a desktop. With an eGPU, you can use a desktop standard GPU on your laptop using a thunderbolt 3 port. that way you will be able to get desktop-like performance on your laptop.

You can either choose to build your eGPU yourself or buy one that is ready-made like the Razer Core X Chroma. There are a lot of other brands that also make eGPUs but for now, only ASUS, Akitio, and Gigabyte make some of the best ready-made external graphics enclosures.

If you want to build one your self you need to buy an enclosure that will be able to match the capacity your laptop will require. The building has a better advantage because you will decide the part to add inside the enclosure. You can also upgrade it easily later when it’s due.

It is important to make inquiries before beginning your journey into the world of external graphic processors for laptops. Buying the right one will change how you view your laptop because it can easily become a powerhouse. It can be used for gaming and other high-end tasks.

Related Questions

Are eGPU bad?

Depending on how you look at it some people might say it’s bad. But like I said earlier it is much more of a niche product right now. With time it will become more popular and cheaper that way people will see the real value they will get from buying an eGPU.

Why should I buy an eGPU?

This is a very simple question to answer, you should buy it if you want to upgrade the performance of your laptop to the same level as a desktop. It is important that your laptop has thunderbolt 3 ports because that is the only way you can achieve maximum performance from your eGPU.

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